Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You know, it's a shame there's no ambo-jitsu ring nearby

Well, I'm still no nearer to achieving my plan of writing a blog about New Tricks, although the most recent episode was very good, so I'm feeling hopeful that it's getting back into its stride. That's planned for the future though.

Technology has not been my friend of late. Our television set died last week. Considering we bought it for £25 in the tip shop (I love the tip shop) I think its 11 month life-span isn't so bad. Nic managed to find a replacement for us in Leamington Furnishers for a similar price so all is good, or it should have been – this television set has an unusual approach to colour, and shifts its colour settings by itself, and with irritating frequency. Still, it’s better than what we had, and certainly better than buying a new one and having the TV licence people annoying us (our set acts just as a monitor, we don't have it connected up to receive a signal). The power supply for my work laptop went missing (stolen from my desk) so I am awaiting a new one, and the power supply for my Mac died also, and I think I am going to have to wait rather longer for its replacement to arrive. I'm just waiting now for the other shoe to drop and for something like the shower or the fridge to pack up as well.

All of that has been a minor irritant, and contributing to an underlying anxiety I have been feeling recently. I'm having odd little palpitations again and can't pinpoint a reason for it. It's only been a handful of weeks since Nic and I had a holiday and I feel I am in need of one again! I've been watching Gary Lineker and his fiancĂ©e Danielle on their road trip of Northern Ireland on the BBC iplayer and feeling like I need to go home soon, if only for a long weekend. It strikes me as rather a pity that the programme isn't being screened over here, it certainly shows up the beauty of the Northern Irish countryside, even if old Gary and Danielle aren’t the most charismatic of presenters. They haven't visited Tyrone yet (next episode is County Down) and of course I am curious to see what places they have picked out from my home county. I doubt that there's much in Fungannon that would make the cut!

Watching anything set in, filmed in, or about Northern Ireland always makes me feel a bit homesick and emotional. I can't imagine moving home, at least not in the near future, but it does make me sad to think that it’s not really home any more. Just in the way that change makes you feel melancholy, you know, even if it is change for the better. Friday night's episode was about County Derry and Gary and Danielle stayed in a guest house in Magherafelt, which is where my erstwhile paramour comes from. Breaking up with him earned me a Magherafelt ASBO so I haven’t been back since. It's out of the way for me when I go home, and the only reason I ever spent any time there in the past was him, so it was strange and emotional to see it on the TV. I don’t miss him and I don’t miss the relationship (and I certainly don't miss the people who bestowed the ASBO on me) but it made me sort of miss the person I was then. It was a strange sort of grief, which is the emotion I am coming to most strongly associate home with.

Well, that all got a bit heavy! On to other things! Due to the wet weekend and just general feelings of grottiness, Nic and I watched have watched lots of DVDs. We bought the Julia Davis series Nighty Night, which neither of us had seen when it was on the TV. Watching all 6 episodes in one day will give you nightmares. We also watched lots of Pertwee-era Who, which is great fun. on the timetable for this week is some Inspector Morse, NYPD Blue and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Life is good

List of love
Julia Davis. New girl-crush.
Will Riker. He's no Picard, but he is much funnier.
The Somerville Arms.
Lewis...I haven't seen his spin-off but I'm enjoying him in Morse
The man in the branch of Timpsons on Regent Street, for fixing up my Kurt Geiger Camara shoes so brilliantly, and for having a nice accent.
Dr Pulaski's special cake ingredient.
Aileen - she has brought the formal video home!

List of loathe
Having to use my work laptop all the time. I hope my new power supply arrives soon.
Weather and trains, again.