Thursday, September 17, 2009

Norway! My soul resides in your watery.....Inlets

I had a dream last night that I went to Cromer! I've never actually been to Cromer, so I hope it is a bit nicer than it was in my dream.

It's been a very busy week. The consultation has kept me very busy at work, but in a good way. It's interesting work and it's good to be involved with it. Work has been generally pretty enjoyable for the past few weeks. I had an interview for a promotion about a fortnight ago, and found out last Friday that although I hadn't got it, that they liked me enough to offer me another job instead. That was very flattering and exciting, because I did feel that I had interviewed well. The new job doesn't start until January, which gives me some time to finish off some of the bigger projects I've been working on and hand over thoroughly to whoever they get to replace me.

So, with that news in mind I spent last weekend celebrating. Actually, the good times kicked off before I even knew about the job as L and J took Nic and I out for dinner to Prezzo. Prezzo is quite nice and my mushroom pizza was good, but HUGE. In fact, I think they should consider buying bigger tables, because the table we had was too small to house the 3 pizzas and 1 calzone (bigger than J's head) that we ordered. I enjoyed going out for dinner, but the most enjoyable thing about the evening was spending it with with J and L, and having a chance to catch up with them.

I spent Friday evening at the Somerville with some very dear friends, and then Nic and I went to Banbury on Saturday. It was a whim that took us there, but it was so pretty. It obviously helped that we were having the last day of summer - I suppose any town looks good in the sunshine. I enjoyed pottering around the market and looking in the charity shops, and I really loved Books & Ink, an independent and antiquarian bookshop which we found down a little side street. I found Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years on their bargain bookcase for 20p, and was delighted with my find. It is the Adrian Mole book that I like the least, but I was nonetheless pleased to find it at such a bargain price. Visiting Books and Ink made me miss the days when Portland Books was still up on Warwick Street and, although I've said it before, I think there is something very sad about a town that doesn't have a proper bookshop (and I don't count Waterstone's in that category.) Books and Ink was enough to make me decide to definitely visit Banbury again in the near future.

I have been knitting away like billy this week and it is very satisfying. My new project is a gift for Baby B-T and it's going very well indeed! I bought some very soft bright blue yarn in the British Red Cross charity shop around the corner and it is perfect for what I want. I'll have a ball left over when I am finished and I'm trying to decide what to use it for. It's relaxing to be able to make something after being at work all day, and I'm quite good at multi-tasking by knitting and doing something else at the same time. It's not so good to knit on a stake-out, however. The skels can hear the needles clicking away. But I think that's a story for another day, don't you?

Nic and I are off to London this evening...but I don't know why just yet. He has arranged a surprise for me for my birthday. It feels like I have been waiting for it to be today for months now, but it hasn't been all that long really. It's the first time I've ever had a surprise like this arranged for me so I am very, very excited, and extremely curious! Nic is being very tight-lipped about it, and he claims he's not going to tell me where we're going until we've checked into our hotel and are on our way to the venue. It's been quite a while since I've been in London for anything other than work, so I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow pottering aroung as well. But not shopping. I'm saving myself until October for that. I've found a possible contender for my winter coat so I need to keep some pennies free for that. Even more if I try this one (in blue) on and decide it suits me better!

List of love
Still the Halawi dates, they are extremely tasty
Surprise adventures
Being able to wear hats again
NYPD Blue, as always.
My Turn to Make the Tea
Boiled eggs and marmite soldiers
The Somerville Arms

List of loathe
Nothing really for me, but a few things that are happening to my friends are getting my undivided fury.