Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pacman. It's pronounced Pacman.

Shamefully enough, I'm still in pyjamas as I write this blog. Nic is too, but he is working (marking) and I'm just trying to think up ways to avoid doing the washing up!

I'm still in my pyjamas because I am a wee bit hung over. Last night was Sugar Plum's hen party. I had yesterday off work and spent most of the day faffing about, and then feeling anxious about going out. M came round to sort me out and we had lots of fun icing cupcakes and getting ready. I wore my new strapless tartan dress and backcombed my hair, and it was fun!

The hen party wasn't one of those where everyone gets dressed up and drinks too much through penis-shaped straws. I was the only person drinking, and I got myself a little bit tipsier than I meant to. This was even more embarrassing because everyone else had been drinking diet coke or water all evening! Still, luckily enough my friends know I'm just a harmless slabber so I don't feel too much shame. Poor Mrs Z gave me a lift home and was treated to a monologue about the weird dreams I've been having lately - luckily for her, it was just a short drive to my house!

Nic had been out as well, and arrived home shortly after I did. We stayed up very late talking about Doctor Who and Katharine Hepburn - I don't quite know how we managed to connect those two thoughts! This is partly the reason why I'm still lounging around in my pyjamas and last night's big hair at two in the afternoon.

That last sentence made me feel a bit shamefaced so I'm going to go in a minute and get dressed. Oh, but I have discovered that a dress I really, really like is now in the Fever sale. Check it out! I might be naughty and buy it for myself when I get paid next week. I know it's bad, but it's an investment dress. I think. :)

Tonight we're off to Mr and Mrs Z's house for their Christmas party, which will be lots of fun (I'll not be drinking, I think!) and I'm trying to decide what to wear. Last year I wore my lovely blue Escala dress and I think I might wear it again this year. It's so festive and I never get the chance to wear it otherwise, it's too fancy to wear to the pub! Maybe I will put up some pictures tomorrow.

Right now, enough of this debauchery. I'm away to get dressed.