Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proposed Northern Ireland prawn quota cut reduced

A slight deviation on my normal 'quote as blog heading' thing, today's title comes from a headline on BBC News NI. I love the way these things are worded, and I spent a few minutes puzzling out alternative meanings for this one before giving in and clicking on the link. Needless to say, the story isn't all that exciting.

This is a bit of a cheeky blog, because I am entering the 12 Days of Christmas competition over at the Domestic Sluttery blog, and there is an extra entry if you blog about the comp! I have mentioned Domestic Sluttery on here before, I always find it an entertaining read and getting daily doses of pretty help to make my office day go by faster. So, if you haven't been over there for a read you should get over there now!

To enter the competition you have to describe how you'll be spending Christmas. I'll be spending this Christmas very traditionally, with my family. Every last one of them lives in Northern Ireland and all of my siblings still live at home. I don't get home nearly as often as I would like - since I left teaching I have fewer holidays (although I can take them when I want, so WIN) and I have to divide them up between going home, going to Kent to see Nic's family, and doing fun things with Nic. This isn't a complaint, I actually feel very lucky that going home is a holiday in itself. I'll be home for 8 days, which will be the longest I've spent at home this year. I'll go out for spins in the car with my Daddy, watch TV and chat with my Mum, shop with my sisters and sit in companiable silence with my brother. I will have lunch in my sister's cafe, drink lots of tea and eat Tayto crisps. I'll hopefully also catch up with some old friends from home. None of this is very exciting or unique, but I love going home at Christmas because it gives me the chance to just relax and be with my family. And this time next week I'll be at home, and probably still in my pyjamas. YEEEEOOOOO!!!!