Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bouncy castles! Make sure you get a go on one of those, they're excellent. So bouncy.

I hadn't really planned to write a blog entry today but the heavy snow in Birmingham meant that we got sent home from work early. There isn't much snow in Leamington but it is very cold, so I'm sitting on my bed, wrapped up in blankets and doing a wee bit of work. It's all good.

Yesterday was my first day in my new job. I had to get up much earlier than normal (and much, much earlier than I had been getting up over the holidays) to be in London for an early meeting. It's hard to say how the day went because it was a bit of a blur. The floor my new department is on is a secure floor, and my pass hasn't been programmed to let me in yet so once I was in I stayed in - it was a bit like being under house arrest! I got a better idea of what I'm going to be doing and I think it'll be very different to the work I was doing in my last job. There'll be some of the same finance and admin stuff but a lot more project management, which will be interesting. It's very high-stakes work for our organisation so I'm happy to be part of it, and I'm interested to see how the next few weeks go. I'll doubtless blog about it here anyway!

Nic and I had a very quiet weekend. We had a look again in the sales on Sunday as I need a new coffee machine and thought it would be a good time to get one. The machine I have works fine, but it is pretty old and it leaks water from the tank any time I make coffee, which is a pain. The problem is, I couldn't find another coffee machine I liked as much. This one is just a plain old filter machine, and it has been discontinued. I couldn't find one I liked because none of the ones I was looking at were my coffee maker, how sad is that?! They were either very cheap and ugly, or more expensive but with features I just wouldn't use, like a timer or a bean grinder. I'll have to do a bit more research into it and come to terms with the death of my coffee maker, because the constant leaking is wrecking my head.

Nic spent ages looking at vacuum cleaners as well, which amused me very much. We have a vacuum cleaner, but it's crap. The main attachment doesn't work, so to get any kind of a job done you have to just use the metal tube and it takes ages. I spent an hour vacumming our bedroom on Saturday. Given that I don't live in Southfork, that seemed a bit excessive! Anyway, one of the shops near us has Vax vacuum cleaners at half price and Nic and I spent a good half an hour looking at them on Sunday. I know on its own that fact isn't very interesting but it did make me laugh - when I first met Nic at university years ago, and even when he and I got together a few years after that, he was a bit of a wastrel and now the two of us are spending time debating the relative merits of vacuum cleaners! We are getting old, I think! Still, a new vacuum cleaner would be nice and I don't have any kind of sentimental attachment to get over before buying a new one.

Well, on that note, it's time to get back to work (and to researching possible coffee makers on the internet. It's all glamour here, don't you know?!?