Monday, January 11, 2010

Esther! I wouldn't marry her if you paid me in swans!

Hello to everyone! Even though it is a grey old Monday and I am tired already (I blame the long commute I have to make on a Monday morning for that!) I am feeling pretty cheery. I hope all you lovely readers are as well!

I had a nice extended weekend. I took Friday as leave because it was so icy and the thought of getting stuck on the way home from London was not appealing. So instead I had a bit of a lie-in, then had a nice breakfast and pottered around listening to Radio 4 and doing some householdy stuff while Nic worked. I think that means I am definitely getting older, because it made me very happy to be listening to the radio while doing the washing up!

When the wardrobe rail collapsed last week it prompted Nic and I to rethink some of our furniture arrangements. When we moved into our flat it was unfurnished and we didn’t have a car, so we bought all of our furniture from Ikea. We don’t have much storage apart from the wardrobe so we decided on Friday to go to Ikea again and get another bookcase for the living room and some drawers for the bedroom. Early afternoon seems to the time to go to Ikea because there was hardly anyone there, it was excellent. We had something to eat in the Bistro and then took our time getting what we needed. At the moment I don’t mind the fact that nearly all of our furniture comes from Ikea because it suits us, and most of it looks good in our little flat, but of course in the future I’d like to diversify a bit! We bought a red Billy bookcase to put in the living room and it does look nice with our red sofa, so it’s all good.

After Ikea we had dinner in Nando’s and a drink in Browns before attempting to get home on the train. It started to snow while we were having dinner and all of the trains in and out of Coventry station were severely delayed. It was extremely cold and although I was wearing my wellies, I’d forgotten to layer an extra pair of socks over my tights so my feet were freezing. Nic and I moved to wait in the waiting room, but unfortunately it was occupied by one of those people who make me want to eat my own ears so that I don’t have to listen to them any more. She was talking on her mobile phone, using a handsfree kit so that, to start with, I thought she was talking to herself. Now, I know that any conversation that you can only hear one side of is going to sound tedious but this one was just genuinely tedious. And it just wouldn’t end! It really seemed to me as if she was just talking to fill the time while waiting for the train. I know that there is nothing wrong with that, and waiting for a train that keeps on being delayed is really boring, so I’m trying not to be too judgmental here. I hate talking on my phone in a public place (especially trains) and so I find it very irritating when other people do. Still, I like to have some time with my thoughts when there is an unexpected gap in the day, and it is people like this girl droning on about which of her friends is the prettiest, that makes that difficult to achieve. I really pitied the woman sitting next to her, who was struggling to concentrate on reading her book.

We made it home eventually and spent the rest of the weekend in a very domesticated manner. We built the bookcase and filled it with the stray books that have been in heaps on the floor, or on top of other books in our other bookcases. Sugar Plum and her husband N came round for dinner, and N very kindly offered to fix our broken wardrobe for us. He did this on Sunday, and although the estate agent still needs to send someone to reinforce the rail and the shelf, I was able to unpack my dresses from their boxes on the floor and (very gingerly) hang them up once again. This took ages because I have so many dresses and also because I took the opportunity to organise them. I’ll have to do this again later in the week when the contractor comes round again but it was worth it all the same! Maybe Nic and I will be hip young things next weekend to make up for the fact that this past weekend was spent rearranging our books and DVDs (him) and clothes (me)

I learned from Friday’s mistake and put a pair of socks on over my woolly tights before putting my wellies on for the walk to the station this morning. My feet were lovely and warm the whole way down to London. Nic thinks it’s starting to thaw a bit in Leamington, and although I have enjoyed the snow (and the snow days) very much I’ll welcome it getting a little bit warmer. This is purely superficial, because I have three new pairs of shoes that I haven’t had the chance to wear yet and it’s also been a bit too cold to wear my new coat (I know that sounds stupid, but it’s more a winter into spring coat) I don’t want to invoke the ire of this blogger though, so I’ll just point out that I don’t expect the climate to bend around my new (and fairly impractical) shoes or anything. I’ll carry on wearing them to do the washing up until I can wear heels outdoors without risking a major injury!