Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have no sense of decency. That way my other senses are enhanced.

The murky weather has made it difficult for me to get very excited about doing outfit shots. Also, it's been a funny week. I've tried to get more on top of it this weekend, so I hope you're all ready for a bumper 'Stuff I bought' post! Okay, so starting with Friday evening. Thursday and Friday I was a wee bit zombified at work - it's getting busy again, and I hadn't been sleeping very well so I can honestly say that my work outfits this week have been fairly unremarkable. Nic and I had planned to go to the Somerville with Tom and Paul on Friday night and, even though it was just a few drinks in our lovely local, I wanted to pull out the stops and wear the gorgeous Vintage Allure dress I bought at the Aspire launch a few weeks ago. I have to apologise for the slightly murky quality to the photographs, it's getting hard to get good light to take photos in! Still, these photos should give you some idea of how beautifully fitted the dress is:

Vintage Allure Ethel dress and Bertie Sardinia shoes
Pretty neckline
I love the button detail on this dress - I need to buy some more of these frocks. One in every colour, please!
Friday night was excellent. The pub was quiet, I was with some of my favourite people, and when I got home and into my warm bed it was with the happy glow of having spent a good evening in good company! We slept very late on Saturday morning and I must admit to having been a little worse for wear for most of the day. Nic and I spent the day very lazily. We did some grocery shopping, pottered around the town and made enchiladas. I took the opportunity to wear the dress I bought in Urban Village a few weeks ago. I'm not completely convinced that I like it; the dress is pretty eccentric. However, I do like the 70s shape to it. The colour is good, and I think it was hand-made, and Nic likes it. I'm sure I'll wear it again! I teamed it with a pretty little navy trilby I bought earlier in the week in a new shop in Leamington called M Butterfly. It wasn't labelled, and when I found it was only £5 I felt it too good to miss.
My bargain trilby and my Fever Paddington coat
Prairie dress and hat
I love the sleeves on this dress, and the shape of the neckline
It definitely needs a slip...
The other thing Nic and I did on Saturday evening was to watch the last few episodes of season one of Deadwood. I can't say anything about it that hasn't already been said, but I have been really enjoying it and I have to admit to having a bit of a lump in my throat by the end of the last episode. I'm very excited about watching season two!
Today we've been having a similarly quiet day, with the undoubted highlight of a wonderfully leisurely pub lunch with Lysy, The Scientist and Lauren. I was able to wear my latest creation, the Colette Chantilly dress. The pattern itself was a gift from Lysy and The Scientist. I bought some cotton lawn from Harlequin fabrics in Leamington, and lined it with a soft cotton sheet from Ikea. This is the fourth Colette pattern I've used and, like the others, the dress was a dream to sew up. I was a little bit apprehensive about making a fully lined dress, but as usual the instructions were so clear and precise that it was really easy. I love the way the soft gathers make the skirt fall, and the darts in the bodice back shape the back of the dress. I think I'll make it again with a sheer top layer, and maybe with slightly less fabric in the bodice - the gathering around the bust makes me look extremely blessed in the chest department. That's no great tragedy, I suppose. The nicest thing about these patterns is how they're put together - straightforward enough to make even a pretty inexperienced sewist feel like a genius.

Colette Chantilly dress

The back of the dress - the back comes down nice and low in a gentle scoop

This ring came in the lovely goody bag I received at the Aspire launch

Imagining it's not actually November. Don't worry, I wasn't frozen - we took these photos in the Arboretum in Jephson Gardens.
If I hadn't already been feeling pretty good about my outfit, I was paid the delightful compliment of a woman stopping me in the street to tell me how much she liked my dress. It's still very pleasing to be able to say "Oh thanks, I made it myself!" I love the pattern on this fabric and I'm considering buying some more - I think this would look gorgeous, and totally different, sewn up into a pencil dress.
This week is going to be pretty busy, but in a nice way. I've got a fair bit going on at work, but for the first time in ages I feel on top of things. I think this is probably because I've got so many other nice things to look forward to - a tasting evening on Tuesday with friends, and on Wednesday Lauren and I are off to see Harry Potter. I'm also planning to get moving on various crafty christmas gifts. And hopefully the weather will be mild enough for me to wear my latest addition to my (ever-expanding) shoe collection:

Shoes number 35: Irregular Choice Mermaids in blue
Yes, more Mermaids! In my defence, my black pair and my red pair get lots of wear so when I spotted the blue ones on ebay I pounced. They were also available in baby pink and I think also in orange, so I'm still on the lookout for those! (Well, the pink ones anyway. Probably not the orange ones) And look they're not the red soled shoes, but I do love the red soles on these ones:

Happy lucky cat
In fact, my other ebay purchase this month has been a duplicate of something I already own - the Fever Dita dress in black. I tell myself that a little black dress is a good thing to have...even if I already have a few.
Now, I'm off to have a snuggly Sunday night with my wonderful photographer, Nic. See you all in the week.