Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ever get three sheets to the wind and try that thing on?

Evening all! I've just managed to shake off a bad mood that has been lingering with me for the past few days. The combination of getting out of work, an ice cream in the park with Nic and spending time with friends has put a smile back on my face. Which is a good thing, because I had a mega grump on me all afternoon - I've just been having one of those ragey days, and I am extremely glad to be feeling a bit more mellow now. Anyway, I just wanted to catch up, share a few outfits and save another pair of shoes in the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge. More of that in a moment!
This really helped to relieve the tension this afternoon...and so did this

Okay so, apart from the general bleaaugh-ness (technical term) of the past few days, I don't have too much craic. Nic and I had a very lovely, quiet weekend. I caught up on some chores, we spent time in the park with friends and we got drunk and watched Bad Day At Black Rock. It's hard to beat a weekend like that. I finished my second curtain dress (another Simplicity 2591) which just needs to be hemmed now, and it was maxi dress weather so I busted out one of my favourites:
Sunday 17th April 2011
Fever Stargazer maxi dress

I'm looking a bit blissed out and sleepy here - this is because I had been lazing around in the sun for some time prior to this. I've just rediscovered this necklace, which I stole from my sister. I'm sticking my tongue out at her just now!

Nothing exciting from Monday, but the sun came out again today so I thought I'd save another pair of shoes:
Tuesday 19th April 2011
Vivien of Holloway Jelly Bean dress and Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes
Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes

Aaagh! I've just accidentally deleted the last paragraph I wrote. Dang it! Basically I was saying I love these shoes, I have two more pairs and I've got my eye out for a pair in pink. I bought them in the winter so this is really the first chance I have had to wear them. I think the shape is so pretty and unusual, so I'm very happy to have saved them.

Okay I'm away. Nic has just made me a halloumi-based dinner, and I'm going to settle in to finally watch some Mad Men Season 3. Then it's only two more sleeps until we go to the seaside! Have a good evening, all!