Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I don't take no anesthetic. Did Lincoln ask for any girlie gas when they blowed his head off?

I woke up in the funniest mood this morning. I can't remember my dreams last night, so I wonder if maybe I had a stressy dream and it made me feel blue. Whatever it was, I had that horrible stomach clenching formless anxiety and getting up was hard. I got up, anyway, and I'm feeling grand now but it was a strange start to the day all the same. I will be glad when we break up work for easter, some time away will be a tonic.

Anyway, I don't have much craic for you all this evening. I was feeling the after-effects of sun and was a bit blue yesterday, and today I've been at work. I had a nice lunch out with some of my colleagues, and I had a few meetings but nothing exciting, but I did want to share my outfit.
Tuesday 12th April 2011
Yes, it's another Rooibos!

I'm getting to be like Karen and her many, many Pendrell blouses. This is my third Rooibos. Dang it, though, but the Colette patterns are so much fun to sew and to wear! This being my third one, it came together really quickly and I sewed this up in a few hours. The fabric came from a pair of curtains I bought for £3 at a vintage sale and I had the zip and thread in my stash, so this dress cost me £7 (factoring in the cost of the pattern) which is pretty nifty, I think. These must have been really ugly curtains and I confess, after impulse buying the fabric I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it. I hadn't envisioned it as a Rooibos until I saw the fabulous one Veronica Darling made out of a tablecloth. The great thing about making this out of curtains is that they were already hemmed, so hemming this was a dream. I did still hem it, but as hem was already turned up it took a matter of minutes.
Tuesday 12th April 2011
Oranges and lemons

Nic took these photos when I got home from work so the dress is a little wrinkled after a day's wear, but I will get better photos later. This is definitely the best-fitting dress I've made so far. I made my first Rooibos in a US 8 and it came up big, so I cut the second in a US 6. It's also a little big for my liking so with this one I cut the 6 but increased my seam allowance to 1 inch instead of 5/8 inch and it worked perfectly. You know when people say it fits like it was made for me? Well it does!
Tuesday 12th April 2011

Although I love the cute little collar detail on the Rooibos I decided to leave it out this time and make the neckline a simple one. I think this dress has a really cute 60s feel. The only thing to decide now is what to do with the other curtain! Seeing how well the print works on a garment makes me want to try using it on a style with a fuller skirt. What do you all think? Maybe another Simplicity 2591? Anyway, this was a nice satisfying project because it came together so quickly and there was no pressure. I knew I liked the pattern and was curious about whether the fabric would work on a garment - WIN!

I have another blog post simmering away in the back of my head so I will be back later in the week. Take care my lovelies!