Sunday, April 03, 2011

If you don't go get me some cheese, I'll rip your head off, and give you a spinedectomy.

Hello all, it's another Sunday evening here's-what-I've-been-doing type blog. I really need to organise my time better so I'm not blogging at the same time every week, but what can you do? As I write Nic is cooking us delicious vegetarian fish and chips for dinner and I'm half watching an episode of The Thick of It. It's a lovely, slightly sweary end to a beautiful weekend and I'm going to tell you about it. Get a cup of tea, sit down and all of that.

I did have a particularly wonderful weekend, it has been really excellent. It sort of started on Thursday. Thursday is my favourite day of the week in many ways, because I usually work from home on Friday so Thursday is the day when I know I can switch my alarm off. This Thursday was particularly enjoyable because Nic came to work with me. He registered a while ago as a proof-reader for us and as such, came in to do some proof-reading. It was a strange intersection of my home life and my work life, but it was nice that Nic was able to meet my lovely colleagues and see our office, and he finished up early enough to go home and get on with his own work in the afternoon. Work has been really busy, and it's getting busier but the positive side of this is that I got confirmation this week that I am no longer at risk of being made redundant as my job is going to transfer into the new agency. This isn't without problems (one of which being that the job is effectively being downgraded despite the fact that, if anything, I am going to have additional responsibilities) but the peace of mind that this job security has brought me is priceless.

On Thursday evening Lauren, Lysy and I went round to see Kate and baby Evelina for some girly time. It was so much fun, and there were glasses of wine and bags of crisps and chocolate as well. I've known Kate for a while through Sew Make Believe but we don't often get to hang out and really chat, so Thursday night was especially enjoyable. I had a leisurely start to Friday morning, and I got some work done with some coffee and some toast. It was much less stressful than last Friday's attempt at working from home, and the sun was shining and it felt good. I finished up in good enough time in the afternoon to wander off and get my hair cut. Normally I find having my hair cut really stressful and I have to spend about a week building up the courage to even make the appointment. Well, I still had that but in the event the haircut itself was actually quite relaxing, even the bit I hate the most which is having my hair blow-dried. I'm happy with the results, but as yet I haven't really been able to capture it in photographic form. At least, not to my liking. So please believe me when I tell you it does look better in real life, and when it isn't being blown about by the wind:
Friday 1st April 2011
Fever Hetty dress and Bertie Sardinia shoes
I bought this dress on ebay, and it arrived last week. I was very excited when I saw it come up on ebay, because I have wanted it for ages (ever since my first ever visit to the Fever shop) but it sold out quickly and I couldn't find it in my size. Waiting patiently for someone to sell it paid off, and I got it for a good price, and I adore it. The tulip skirt is a fun detail, and of course I love the pockets. There is rather a lot of fabric at the front which has the potential to blouse in an unflattering way, but I don't really care. I really love the print, so I'm very pleased. It also has this cool detail at the back:
Friday 1st April 2011
An exposed zip! I don't always like this detail, but I think it works here and makes this something a bit more interesting than a floral shift dress. Nic thinks it's really cool, too - he says it gives the dress a nice punky feel to it. So all in all, I love this dress!

After my little pampering session at the hair salon, I met Nic for coffee and cake in Exclusive Roots, which was awesome. A friend of ours has started working there, and it was excellent to catch up with her over a cup of coffee and oreo cookie brownies! After a spot of grocery shopping we headed home to get ready for a night out on the town! Well, sort of - a meal in Chico's and some drinks in the Somerville with lots of friends was the plan for Friday. It was so much fun, the food in Chico's was excellent and the craic was mighty in the Somerville too. All in all, I went to bed on Friday night feeling very happy with my lot.

Our friend JP was staying with us on Friday night so on Saturday Nic and I decided to take him for a walk through the fields to a pub on the river. The sun was shining and it was warm and the air smelled like spring, so we took a detour through one of my favourite places in Leamington, the church at Old Milverton:

The Church itself
Old Milverton is almost impossibly picturesque, and it's hard to believe that the main road is so close to this churchyard. It feels so peaceful among the overgrown graves. I don't think I would like to be buried in a graveyard, I don't like the idea of people visiting my grave, but I always find graveyards incredibly peaceful. I love reading the names on the old headstones as well, in this graveyard I even came across a lady named Louie Hepzibah.

Nic and JP visiting

This headstone tells the story of a young quartermaster who died trying to save a fellow crew member from drowning
After our walk through the Churchyard we wandered down through the fields to the Saxon Mill, and found a seat outside by the river. Nic and JP did some writing, I read my book and basked in the sunshine, and daydreamed a little as well. I felt so serene and happy by the water in the sunshine, and so grateful too to feel that way. There was a time when I honestly couldn't imagine feeling so happy and hopeful again, and every time I feel this way now I am grateful for it.

JP caught the train back to London in the early evening and Nic and I took ourselves to bed early with a DVD and a cup of tea. I wasn't hungover, having been quite restrained the night before, but I'm not as young as I used to be - these late nights just really tire me out! We slept late this morning which was lovely, and got out into the sunshine before it faded for a walk in the park and an ice-cream. I decided to wear a dress that Lauren kindly lent to me last week:
Sunday 3rd April 2011
Fever Fez bolero, Primark dress and patent wedges from Miss Selfridge
Yes, those are new shoes! Having given away two pairs of shoes this week, I thought it was only fair that I replaced them! Heh. One of the pairs are in transit, and the others are these patent beauties from Miss Selfridge. I tried these on a few months ago in the store, but thought they were too expensive (£50, and they're not leather, so that's TFD in my book) Also, while I loved them Nic thought they were hideous. It's not often that he ventures a strong opinion on shoes, and I was surprised. Still, I took Sugar Plum back for a second opinion and she also thought they were pretty cool so when I spotted them in the sale I didn't give it a second thought.
Sunday 3rd April 2011
And, you know, Nic might be right. They might be hideous. But, as he said, they're my feet, and I like them:Also, they make me so TALL! They actually got their debut on Friday night, but today was my first chance to photograph them. They're the first pair of platform wedges I've been able to walk in, and they're surprisingly comfortable. I'm not going to be running any marathons in them or anything, like, but they're comfortable. So I'm pretty happy with that!

The rest of today has been spent doing various chores and doing some baking - in fact, I have just liberated my rhubarb and custard cake from its tin and am about to devour it with a cup of tea! So, I shall leave you here and wish you all well on this beautiful spring evening.