Friday, July 15, 2011

Alien invaders? Little blue men with three heads?

Afternoon all! I can't believe how long it's taken for this week to get to Friday. I don't like to wish my life away, but this week has been longer than some months. How can it be that some time stretches out endlessly like this? I think it might be because I'm off home to Northern Ireland soon to see my folks and my friends, and this has made time slow down. So, sorry about that folks!

Despite the fact that this week has been long, and that the all-day meeting I was in yesterday made me want to jam a pencil in my eye JUST SO IT WOULD END, I am feeling a lot better. I'm still having random palpitations but my hands have stopped tingling altogether and I am feeling a lot more settled in my mind. I'm very grateful to everyone who commented so kindly with such good advice, and I have taken a lot of it on board (Bach's Rescue Remedy, wine and a good book have all been procured.) I am such a creature of habit, and I like to have things lined up in an orderly fashion in my mind. It makes me feel safe. When things start to get into disarray, or to feel like they are doing so, is when I get stressed out. But, you know, being a control freak is not always that helpful, because it makes even the slightest change very stressful. I'm working on becoming less dependent on things being consistent, and I guess the only way to do that is to diversify. You know, try new things, be more open to new experiences, stop feeling like what I've got now is all I'll ever have. It's all very Norman Vincent Peale of me, I know, self-help and all that. Having a day off in the middle of the week recently, and doing something different really made me feel good about myself. Breaking out of my routine could be really important so that when familiar problems rear their heads (and they do, some bad pennies just keep on turning up) I won't get so stressed about them. That's the theory, anyway. Blah blah BLAH. But yes, better.

On Sunday afternoon Nic and I got out into the sunshine to hang out for a bit with Lysy and The Scientist, which was ace as always. I wore a sundress, while the sun still shone at any rate:
Sunday 10th July 2011
Ruby Belle Photograph dress and Irregular Choice Mermaid shoes

This dress is so cute! Predictably, it came from ebay and was quite a find. I really like the combination of orange, red and pink with the cornflower blue of the waistband and straps. I think orange could be a difficult colour to wear but it's softened by the blue. The print is very fun as well - little beach huts and sailboats and whales.
Sunday 10th July 2011

I didn't get a closeup of the necklace. I used to wear this all the time - far less frequently now - but I am very sentimentally attached to it as it was a leaving gift from an old job. It has a little butterfly on it, a ladybird and a little dragonfly. I must try to work it into my outfits more often.

That evening we braved the rain to have a few drinks with Rick and Lauren in a local Wetherspoon's - we'd planned to go to the fair but it was rained out, so pub it was. It might sound like a small thing, but I'm usually all for pyjamas on a Sunday night to psyche myself up for the week ahead. So doing something different - even though it was just going to the pub - got my week off to an excellent start. So, I'm already trying to put my plan into action!

I won't bore you with what my work week was like, except to say that work is work. It wasn't a bad week, though. On Wednesday night Nic and I went out with colleagues to the excellent Red Lion in Hunningham for dinner. Naturally we had the halloumi. I didn't want to risk trying something else, when I know how amazingly tasty the halloumi is! It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I've said it many times here before, but my colleagues are pretty rad and a few of them are even good friends, so I really enjoyed myself. A relatively late night made Thursday at work a bit of a chore, but what can you do?!

Last night we had some friends over for dinner, drinks and records, and luckily for me I have been working from home today. It makes the week that bit less painful. This morning I got a wee dress in the post, and naturally enough I wanted to put it straight on:
Friday 15th July 2011
Floral frock by F&F at Tesco and Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes

I confess, as soon as I spotted this dress on another blogger I decided I had to track it down. It was all of £9 from Tesco, and I can't believe how nice it is for that price! I don't make a habit of buying clothes from the supermarket (not out of snobbery, just I'm not keen on fast fashion) but I'm willing to make the odd exception. The Tesco-does-Prada dress I bought last autumn has been worn many, many times, and I know it will be in the future. I think this one will be too although I think it is a little bit less versatile. The only thing I'd say to anyone who is thinking of snapping one of these up for themselves is that the side zip is an absolute BUGGER. A few reviews on the Tesco website complained about it, and they're right. It's because it has to get up past the waistband seam and the interfacing at the waistband. I fixed it by detaching the edge of the waistband from the zip tape (although not from the dress itself) and the zip can get up past it with minimal difficulty now. Still, I did swear a bit this morning at it til I'd figured out a solution!

Friday 15th July 2011

As the sun was shining, I thought it'd be a good chance to do a Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge shoe save. I was a little inspired by Amber's gorgeous photos of her holiday, so put on my Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon cherry shoes:

Friday 15th July 2011

Amber's right. These go with everything, and I've become obsessed with owning them in a variety of colours. I want MOAR PLASTIC SHOES, as improbable as that sounds!

Right my loves, I'm going to be off. I may well be back in the week, depending on what's going on in sunny Northern Ireland. I have plans for hanging out with my family, seeing some dear friends, going on the rip, bridesmaid dress shopping and lots of sleeping and reading. It's going to be awesome. If you're missing me between now and then you can catch me over on About Your Dress and, if you're so inclined, read my review of Scott and Bailey over at Squeezegut Alley. Have a lovely weekend, all.