Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just for today, we're Lords and Ladies

Dressember Days 17 and 18: Early Christmas

Afternoon all! I hope you're all having a cosy Sunday - I am. I'm curled up in my default Sunday pose, with a blanket and a DVD and soon a big mug of tea and my Bagpuss hot water bottle. It's been a wonderful weekend, and I only have one day of work left before I'm off on my holidays, and I'm feeling festive and relaxed and excited and happy.

On Friday night Louise, Jackie and Kim came over to Leamington for some dancing in The Assembly. We met some friends in the Jug for a few drinks before getting down to some serious dancing. I wanted to wear something festive and fun to dance in, so one of my Vivien of Holloway dresses fit the bill perfectly:

Friday 16th December 2011
Vivien of Holloway polka dot circle dress, Fever Fez bolero and Topshop shoes

Nic bought me this dress for Christmas last year and the first time I wore it was to go out on New Year's Eve in Dungannon. I was sick in a bin in Hagan's, and every time I wear this dress I feel a little flush of embarrassment, and then relief that I managed not to be sick on the dress! This is certainly fun to dance in. The Assembly was really busy, and full of really hairy men and women with massive hair who'd been at the ZZ Top tribute band that had been playing that afternoon. I like the crowd at The Assembly, and I had a lot of fun - although I could have done without the sleazy man who hit on me by weirdly squeezing my shoulder. YUCK. Anyway, apart from that it was an excellent night.

Nic woke me up early on Saturday morning, full of excitement for Christmas. As we don't spend Christmas day together, we have a little tradition of celebrating an early Christmas together - we exchange gifts, eat selection boxes, watch Christmas specials and have Christmas dinner. This year it felt extra special because we've both been so busy over the past few weeks, it feels like we haven't had much time for just the two of us. So, I was really looking forward to yesterday. It was perfect! Nic loved his presents, and I loved mine, and we had a beautiful day together. One of the Christmas treats we had planned was breakfast at Bread & Co and so I was up and dressed far earlier than normal for a Saturday:

Saturday 17th December 2011
Emily & Fin Lucy dress, H&M jumper, wool tights from Dunnes and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl shoes. Apparently it was spotty Saturday or some shit over on the Dressember facebook, but whatever.

Nic bought me the dress and the jumper for Christmas. The dress is obviously me, but the jumper is something I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself. My short neck makes me wary of bulky necklines, but I love this. It's too long to layer over dresses, but I think it looks pretty good underneath, and I really like the cowl neck. I'm looking a wee bit tired in this photo - it's the effect of a few late nights and long days, I suppose.

And that brings me to today. It's been a quiet day, as Nic headed off at lunchtime and I've been have a nice time pottering around the house, getting things ready for when I go home. Lovely Nic was still on photo duty this morning and kindly took this for me:

Sunday 18th December 2011
Emily & Fin Ella dress, blue cardigan from Mango, star tights and shoes from Topshop

No story really with this dress, except that it came from the Aspire sale and it hides tea stains really well. Which is a good thing, because I keep spilling tea on it! I think it's cursed, or something. Nic bought me the star print tights and I can't figure out if they're cool or if they make my legs look like I have some kind of weird skin disease. I think it's the former, but annoyingly the damn things ripped at the top as soon as I put them on! I think they'll still be wearable, though. I hope so anyway.

Now. I have tea to drink and episodes of The OC to watch and letters to write. I'll see you all tomorrow my dears. Until then x