Thursday, December 01, 2011

I really enjoy being judged. I believe I hold up very well to even severe scrutiny.

Dressember Day 1

So, folks - it's the first day of Dressember! And I have the flu. So, I didn't go to work and the temptation to stay in my pyjamas for the whole day was very strong. But, I do usually feel a bit better after I've had a shower and dressed, and this was sort of true today. I went out for a bit, to get some fresh air and something to eat - so it was worth getting dressed.

Wednesday 1st December 2011
Emily & Fin Chloe dress, pink cardigan from H&M and Topshop shoes

I decided - but forgot to write in my last post - that I'd give a little detail about each of the dresses I'm going to wear for Dressember. For this one, that's nothing more than I bought it on ebay for about £4, but for others there's more to say! I like the shape of this dress - it's cotton and it's really comfortable, and I love the print as well. The combination of the blue and pink is very pleasing to me, and I quite like the 80s-tastic circles. It was a good choice for today - it's quite light, so I won't be able to wear it as much when it gets colder, and it's comfortable. It's all crumpled now, though, because after lunch I napped on the sofa for ages.

That's all I've really got for you all this afternoon. I'm planning nothing more for this evening than a bit of crochet and a DVD. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow as I won't be at home, but I'll be back soon with more dresses in some sort of round-up post. I'm going to leave you with photos of the gingerbread men Nic got for us this afternoon:
The box was too cute to pass up...
This one looks more like a wee gingerbread ghostie!