Wednesday, December 07, 2011

With no words, with no song, you can dance the dream with your body on

Dressember Day 7: Whirling Wednesday

As promised in my post last night, I am much brighter and chirpier today. This is because I slept from about half nine last night right up until eight this morning. Well, apart from having to get up for ten minutes in the middle of the night to thump the stupid storage heater yet again. So, I'm getting on top of this horrible tiredness. Which is just as well, really, because my last week and a half of work before the holidays is going to be absolutely crazy. Enough work talk, though.

So, according to the Dressember Facebook group, today is Whirling Wednesday. I did have that in mind when I picked out my outfit this morning, but I rather failed at actually twirling in the dress. Also, it's another slightly mad red-eyed blurry flash photo, because I also failed at bringing my camera into work. Oh well. I'll wear this dress again in for a daytime photo one time to do it justice:

Wednesday 7th December 2011
Fever Margot dress, purple cardigan from Warehouse, purple tights from Dorothy Perkins and Topshop shoes (via ebay)

So, this dress... well, the story with this dress is I bought it on one of my lunchtime trips to the Fever shop when our team were based on Piccadilly - the Fever shop was within walking distance in those days, which was dangerous for my bank account. It made for some very lovely lunchtimes, though! This one was reduced to a scandalous £16 in their sale and I bought it with half a mind to put it on ebay because it's quite small-fitting. Anyway, it fits fine now. It's made from cotton sateen and has a net underskirt, so it feels quite luxurious to wear - especially when I remember how cheap it was! The reason I chose it for today is not because it's very twirly - in fact, it isn't because the fabric is quite stiff - but because of the print:

Margot print

Yes, it's called the Margot dress because the print is Margot Fonteyn. Isn't that gorgeous?! So, it's not a total fail on the twirling front!

So, that's Whirling Wednesday. As I said above, I am feeling a lot more chipper today after a good night's sleep and I'm generally feeling a bit less stressed. And as uppy-downy as the last few days have been, in so many ways I feel really lucky. I mean, yeah, the pay thing was (and is) a total arse. Work is utterly mental and will be for most of next year, or until I find a less mental job, and I'm sure in the few days before I fly home for Christmas there will be snow related drama and attendant stress. BUT all the same, I feel that there are so many good things going on in my life. I have Nic, who I won't embarrass by lavishly praising here. I have wonderful friends, and I'm lucky to be able to count some of my colleagues as friends as well. I'm so excited about seeing my family at Christmas, and 2012 is full of exciting plans, dreams and possibilities. Goodness, it's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for my general outlook!

Now I must go because I have a skirt to hem, and Nic is treating us both to a takeaway from Kayal. I shall be back tomorrow with more dresses!