Monday, April 23, 2012

She used to like it when they had them feet at the beginning, soon as they stopped that she lost interest.

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm not long home from work, and I'm all cosy with a mug of coffee. Today is the first day in weeks that I've been home at a normal time. It's the first day in weeks that I haven't been in an all-day meeting, so it felt almost like a treat to be able to sit at my desk and get through all of the delightful admin that had been piling up in my absence. Well, almost a treat, you know.

Because of work being so busy it's been all quiet round these parts. I had to work in London on Friday and was home late, and on Saturday was up for a quiet day. Nic and I took the bus over to Kenilworth to have a poke around the charity shops (nothing much of interest there) and coffee and a cake with SJ in Sweet As. The sun was shining and I was in the mood to flounce, so out came the crinoline and a wee dress that had arrived in the post from Pin Up Parade earlier in the week:

Bettie Page Cheers dress and double t-bar shoes from Topshop

I just love the fabric this dress is made from. I have a weakness for novelty prints, and this has lots of stylised cocktail glasses on it:

The dress was in the sale, and paid for almost entirely out of paypal funds so it feels a bit like a freebie (although, obviously it isn't, like.) I had to buy a size bigger than I normally would because that's all that was left, so when it arrived I took it in all over and took the hem up by about 2 inches. It's still a teeny bit big in the bodice, but a bit of ease in a summer dress is no bad thing. I wore this out to the pub on Saturday night, and of course I was drinking cocktails! I was a little bit put out, though, when there was a whole hen party in dressed in a similar style - they were dressed in fancy dress pretty much how I was actually dressed. Sigh. Oh well!

Due to the numerous cocktails, I spent all of yesterday recovering. I didn't think I'd had that much to drink but I suppose cocktails are deceptive, so yesterday was a bit of a trial. It has to be done sometimes, though! I do have a few wee outfit shots from the past few weeks that I've been meaning to share and I'll never get around to it if I don't do it now, sorry to stuff them all into one post!

31st March - River Island dress, Primark platforms and Nica bag

Another crinoline shot! I saw that Annebeth of The Styling Dutchman had put a crinoline under one of her River Island prom dresses, so I gave it a go too. My Paris print one is in fairly heavy rotation so I got out a more spring-y one. I'm not sure what's going on with my hair and makeup here - I look a bit more done than usual! I wore this out to dinner and to test-drive these shoes from Primark:
Aren't they pretty?! They were also suprisingly comfortable for platforms...

Sunday 1st April - Sewaholic Lonsdale dress, Melissa Amazonas sandals and Ness Ebony bag

I wore this to the pub for Sunday drinks with friends, before it got really cold again. I love this dress so much and it inspired me to get my arse in gear to make my second one!

Saturday 7th April - Laura Lees for Topshop dress, star print tights from Topshop and Irregular Choice Serpintime heels

This is one of my favourite dresses EVER. I don't wear it that often because it's quite old now and I'll be so gutted when it gives out. I have so many happy memories associated with it. It's covered in embroidery like this:

There's also a skull and cross-bones on there somewhere. I used to wear this when I was a teacher and my kids were absolutely fascinated by the embroidery.

That's your lot for now - apologies for the bombardment! Now, I'm off for an exciting evening of ironing, chippy tea (yum) and Scott and Bailey. Have a lovely evening, my darlings!