Monday, April 02, 2012

Wadder? I hardly knew her!

A PUN IN THE TITLE. This must be the sign of things going badly wrong around Clackett Mansions. I am usually sniffy in the extreme about pun-based titles. What can I say, though. I'm changeable and I can live with that. Anyway - I have another finished object to show you all. It isn't a new one, though - I made this dress ages ago, maybe last July or August? Anyway, I went out to the pub this one night with Nic and Lysy and The Scientist, and Lysy was wearing a gorgeous dress she'd made from a bedsheet she'd bought in Ikea for £3. And I was inspired, and I work next to Ikea, so the following week I went in and bought myself some bedsheets and away I went. I thought I'd make myself another Colette Chantilly dress, because I wear my first one so much. It did not turn out brilliantly. The cheap fabric... well, it was cheap, so it wasn't that pleasant to work with. The pattern was white with a blue floral pattern and the white really did not suit me and it made me look enormous. I wore the dress once and packed it away. I thought that if I got it out in a few months time and still hated it then I'd give it away or cut it up or something. It wasn't a sewing disaster or anything, but it was disheartening.

When I was unpacking some of my summer dresses a few weeks ago for my holiday, I came across it again and resolved to give it away. But, having bought some Rit dye very cheap in a supermarket in Florida my capricious nature made me change my mind yet again, and I threw it in the washing machine with some purple dye and what do you know - it's wearable again!

Hair in face, squinting! Sorry about that. The other thing about this dress is that it looks very cute on, but doesn't photograph brilliantly. Also my poor photographer isn't feeling very well...

I am one goofy article. Sorry about that, folks! The fabric does actually look lovely now that it's been dyed - it's more of a pinky mauve than a deep purple, but it looks good with the blue print I think:

In my mind this has already earned the title of "Not My Finest Chantilly" because really, as a seamstress, this is not my finest hour. Like, I probably wouldn't wear it in the presence of other seamstresses because the finish isn't great and I should be better at this stuff by now. Well, I AM better at this stuff by now, to be fair. It's just that when I was making this, I think I had decided by about half way through that I'd probably never wear it and so my finish is a bit slapdash. The hem is shameful. But actually, I don't really care at all. I know I can do better, I will do better, I have done better since. Still though, this cost me about tuppence ha'penny to make so I'm not really too bothered. My nonchalant attitude here is not actually reflective of what I think of the dress itself though - I love the colour and it's comfortable as all get out and I will wear it for sure now. I'm also happy to have rescued a wadder. I have another one sitting by my sewing machine, gazing at me sadly, wondering when it is going to have its turn. Soon, little frock, soon! (Maybe)

Anyway - yes, I'll be back later in the week with the last of my holiday photos and some somewhat less goofy photos of myself. Until then my loves x