Thursday, May 31, 2012

You're alive to me, Hank! CALL ME! Me-Made-May 2012 rounded up

And just like that, Me Made May was over.

May has been one of those months where it feels like it's been impossibly long and also incredibly short, I'm not sure if anyone else has felt that way about it. It's been a good month for lots of reasons and I'm so glad to have taken part in Me Made May. I have three remaining outfits to show you, but I can't upload them to the Flickr pool until tomorrow...

Me Made May Outfit 15, Tuesday 29th May 2012 - Sewaholic Lonsdale dress and red wedges from Primark

My gingham Lonsdale dress! Ah I love this dress so much, and I love gingham - the whole day I was wearing this I was plotting what next I could sew up in gingham. Not too much to say about the dress itself as I've blogged about it before, but it really is a darling design. I wore it to work but, even though my workplace is fairly okay with the more casual end of things, I did cover up a bit:

 A bit more covered up with a chiffon bolero from Fever Designs

 You can see the shoes a bit better in this one...

This was a lovely cool outfit for what turned out to be an unexpectedly physical and tiring day. I must say that the pairing of gingham and the cherry red wedges did make me very happy. They're from Primark, but a few years ago now and I tracked down a pair on ebay after seeing my friend Lauren wearing hers like, a year ago. They're very comfortable and I can see me wearing them looooads over the summer.

It was still bloody hot yesterday and I knew I had another long day in a hot room so it worked out well that I still had a Rooibos to wear:
Me Made May Outfit 16, Wednesday 30th May - Colette Patterns Rooibos dress, and yellow wedges from Internacionale

If I look a bit manic here it's because I was feeling it - it had been quite a morning by this stage and, while I wasn't stressed, I was feeling a bit mental. This dress is fabby and if it's looking familiar to you at all, that's because it was made from the same set of curtains as the Simplicity 2591 I wore on the 16th May. The shoes were a birthday present from my stylish sisters in September and they're very cool. I really like how the groovy print gives this dress a 60s feel, and the chunky wedges go really well with that.

My amazing friend and colleague SJ has taken most of my Me Made May photos. Not only has she been a willing helper, she's been absolutely hilarious and really got into the spirit of taking the photos - this is me cracking up at her. SJ - YOU'RE A LEGEND. Thank you!

And, finally, today:

 Me Made May outfit 17, Thursday 31st May 2012 - Colette Patterns Peony dress and yellow shoes from Topshop

My Peony dress, which was featured on the Colette Patterns blog earlier this year! I blogged about it myself here, if you want to know a few more details about it. This is a great dress to wear to work, it's very comfortable and cute and the more I wear it, the more I love the print and the less irritated I am by the wrinkle in the neckline. Shit, who am I kidding. That still annoys me, but not enough to put me off wearing the dress. It was a bit cooler today so I threw a wee cardigan on over the top:

The yellow shoes are from Topshop, but also came from ebay. I have them in pink and they're marvellously comfortable, and these yellow ones are the perfect match for the yellow in the cardigan. I love stuff like that. Anyway, SJ had the day off work today so I must thank my other photographer, my darling Nic, for getting up this morning and taking these photos of me before I headed off to work, and while my hair still looked okay.

So, anyway. The stats! At the end of April, this was my pledge:

'I, Roisin, of It can’t be from Dolly Clackett… She gave me an Easter Egg! sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear at least two handmade garments per week for the duration of May 2012. In addition, I pledge to have sewn at least two more garments by the end of May 2012"

I'm so pleased to say I did it! By wearing 17 handmade outfits in 31 days, I spent more of the month in me-mades than not - this works out to just over one every other day, without any repeats. This means that I could do a me-made month properly because of course the no-repeats thing is also a bit artificial. The other bit of my pledge was to sew at least two more handmade garments and I sewed four dresses.

So, what did I learn from Me Made May? A few things. One is pretty obvious, which is that sewing improves my mood and makes me happy. I sewed a lot this month (for me, anyway) and it's been ace, and not at all stressful. So I will try to keep up the happy sewing habit. It helps that I freaking LOVE the dresses that I did sew, so that's cool too.  I've been so enjoying wearing my me-mades, it's totally spurred me on to sew more.
 One of the dresses I sewed this month - Simplicity 2444

I learned that I love bright colours and loud prints - only one of my me-mades is in a solid colour. It's all novelty prints and bright colours. I don't plan to make any changes to this - the funner the better, in my opinion. I also learned that multiples work for me - In my 17 outfits I wore 3 Simplicity 2591 dresses, 2 Colette Hazels, 2 Colette Chantilly dresses, 2 Colette Rooibos dresses, 2 Colette Parfait dresses and 2 Sewaholic Lonsdale dresses. Also that, heck, I love Colette Patterns! I don't plan to change this, this works for me, but I do want to explore other patterns too.

I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. I was a tiny bit concerned that I would really hate imposing a restriction on my wardrobe and, I admit, to start with I spent a lot of time stressing about what to wear when. I got over that pretty quickly, though. I took the opportunity to work on another challenge I'm involved in - Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge. As well as going no repeats on the dresses, I went no repeat on the shoes. I saved 15 pairs of shoes! I don't know what my total is up to now though because during May I gave away some shoes, and acquired a few more pairs, including these beauties...

Carvela Australia shoes... I <3 the John Lewis sale

So, all that remains really is to thank the fantastic Zoe for organising this challenge. It's been a brilliant community over at the Flickr pool and I have so enjoyed seeing how other bloggers rock their me-made creations. It's been real, and I would do it again. THANKS, ZOE!

So, yeah. That's been my experience of Me Made May. Now it's Thursday evening, there's pizza and wine on the way and I'm on the brink of having a whole lovely week off work. We don't have much planned apart from going to Cambridge with Lysy and The Scientist for a few days, and I might just even fit a wee bit of sewing in. See you all soon, friends!