Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just like what happened to Nimrod? AWWW, MAN!

Evening all! This is coming to you from a very full and sleepy me, I've just come back from having dinner in Kayal with Nic. It was so good... they have this lemon pickle and it's one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. Right now I feel pretty much like one of those snakes digesting an antelope.

It's been one of those busy and frustrating weeks at work, and I'll be so glad when it gets to the end of the day tomorrow. Of course it doesn't help hugely that the 'smart heating' system in our office means that it's only ever either totally sweltering or absolutely freezing! That said, it's been a good week. I managed to cross lots of things off my to-do list, had a few nice surprises from friends and fun evenings with Nic. Tomorrow after work I'm taking the train up to Liverpool - baby sister is having her Hen do there, and right now I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Mainly because I have another big week next week and I'm nervous about going out on the town with a load of rowdy Northern Irish hens, but of course I'm excited about visiting a new place and hanging out with my sisters. Lovely blog readers, anyone have recommendations for me for cool boutiques/fabric shops/cafes to visit on Saturday? Let me know in the comments!

I don't have too much to say this evening really. I haven't been sewing - although I have been making some sewing plans for when I next have some time. I have been enjoying the changeable weather, particularly today. It was very exciting watching the storm from my desk on the 7th floor:

This was just before it started to rain. What you can't see in the photo is the fact that even through the torrential rain, the people who run the hand car wash in the car park next to the office kept working even through the deluge. That is dedication to clean cars! Thankfully I didn't get caught in the rain and by the time I left the office the sun had come back out. Just as well, I was totally unprepared for a storm:

Floral dress from Dorothy Perkins, Carvela Australia shoes and MacLaren of Norwich handbag

This dress was pretty well perfect for the 87% humidity today, though. It's made from a really light rayon-style fabric so I felt cool and comfortable in it all day. The handbag is the vintage one that Nic bought me from a charity shop in Kenilworth on Saturday. I was pleased and tickled to find that Angie of Redressing was wearing the same dress today. Great minds, eh?!

Now, I have to go and have a look in my wardrobe. I need to pack for Liverpool and figure out what I can wear with this:

The man who served me in the costume shop visibly winced when I asked for this. I agree with him. But it turned out his issue wasn't with the fact that it's so hideous, but because he has a glitter phobia. I think he's probably in the wrong career.