Wednesday, June 20, 2012

R is among the most menacing sounds. That's why it's 'murder' not 'mukdek'

Oh hello! Yeah, remember me? I've kind of disappeared recently - partly because when I haven't been sneezing my head off I've been either sheltering from the rain, or asleep because even the non-drowsy antihistamines make me sleepy. I really hate having hay-fever, particularly when it's raining!

But yes, anyway - what has been happening? Well I've been busy at work as ever, and Nic and I were both really looking forward to relaxing in the sunshine at Leamington Peace Festival last weekend. Well, it didn't turn out exactly like that...

Nic at the Peace Festival on Saturday - wellie-tastic

Yeah. On Saturday it rained. And then it rained and rained, and the wind blew sideways. The weather was awful. Nic and I went out in the afternoon to run a few errands in town, and thought we'd brave the mud and check the festival out. I'm glad we went down on Saturday (because I bought a delicious burrito from the Mexican food stall) but I was even more glad to go home. I love the Peace Festival - it's a grand Leamington tradition. I was impressed by how many hippies there were dancing in the rain and mud, but once I'd had that burrito I wanted to go home.

We had a bit more luck on Sunday, when we were able to meet up with friends and even have a bit of a dance:
With HayleyJayney during a brief window of sunshine

The Quaker Wish Tree

It's not all Peace, though. We did find the dismembered body of Batman scattered around the Pump Room Gardens:

His bum wasn't far away, and one leg was somewhere close by too.... no sign of his head, though

It's a shame the weather meant that we couldn't laze around on the grass and listen to the music as we have in previous years, but it did brighten up enough on Sunday for it to be enjoyable.

Another rainy weekend meant lots of sewing time. I finished off my Hazel dress, which you can see in its entirety during the Hazel Parade for Sarah and Erin's Colette 2.0 Sewalong. But you can have a wee sneak preview:

Can you see the pink piping at the bottom of the bodice?

Lovely Nic treated me to some fabric on Saturday - we called into Royal Fabrics and bought some more gingham. YES MORE GINGHAM AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Actually I think the only colour left in the store that I haven't bought yet is purple, and I am thinking about it. Now, my lovely Mummy reads my blog and she was telling me on the phone yesterday that she wasn't sure green gingham would work... but, well, I think she's wrong. And actually, I think she'll think she's wrong too because green gingham + Cambie = perfection:

 Stephanie Cambie dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Cherry Lady Dragon shoes

I had some issues with the construction of my red gingham Cambie dress - I couldn't get the bodice darts and skirt darts to line up. And do you know why? It's because I had mis-cut the skirt front piece. D'oh! It was only out by a bit, but that was enough to cause some major head-scratching when I was putting it together. Not the pattern's fault, just the fault of me being a dipshit. Having figured that out, this one came together without any hitches. I sewed most of it on Sunday afternoon, a little bit on Monday after work and hemmed it this evening. I guess it goes without saying that I love the green gingham and absolutely adore this pattern. You might all get bored of seeing it, because I can totally see myself making loooooads of these. Inspired by the recent post on the Coletterie blog about ric rac, I added some to the pockets on this frock:

I bought the ric rac last month from Berylune on Park Street in Leamington - I have lots more, so you can be sure you'll be seeing it on future makes! I was sort of tempted to put it round the hem, but decided to restrain myself to the pockets. I think it looks good! I will say once again though how much I love this pattern. If you've been on the fence for any reason about buying it, stop dithering and buy it already. It's so lovely to sew, and gorgeous to wear. Go on - buy it!

I wore this out this evening for a walk in the sunshine with Nic and took my ridiculous new sunglasses out for a spin, too. I think I have reached saturation point with cat-eye sunglasses now...

I have got two legs (from my hips to the ground and when I move them they walk around and when I lift them they climb the stairs and when I shave them they ain't got hairs)

I know I look goofy in that photo but I don't even care. Anyway - as the forecast predicts the weather going to shit again tomorrow Nic and I both wanted to get out into it. We walked down to Victoria Park and had a drink in The Cricketers, before having a turn around the park. I love living in Leamington - it's a lovely town, and it really comes into its own at this time of year:

I love that the pub sign has W. G. Grace on it, and also that the pub overlooks a bowling green.

Victoria Park at dusk

Anyway, I'm going to leave it there for this evening - good night, all!