Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sharks don't have claws! You don't even know what sharks are any more!

What up, nerds! I hope you're all enjoying your weekends. I'm sitting on the sofa with my hair in curlers - Nic and I have a wedding to go to this afternoon - and I thought I'd take the chance to show you what came in the post for me this week!

I took part in the Summer Sewing Swap organised by Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes. Kerry paired me with Ann of Annabelle Bumps, and my parcel from her arrived on Tuesday. Ann has been a fab swap partner - I was late sending off my parcel, partly due to a really stressful few weeks taking my mind totally off sewing. I was really touched by how thoughtful her parcel was - I can only hope she likes what I sent her as much as I love what she sent me!

First up was this fantastic repro Butterick pattern. Ann picked it out because she could see how much I love my Bettie Page Captain dress and, of course, this has lots of similarities. I really love the full-skirted version, and I'm very tempted to find some floral fabric to make my own version of the Pinup Couture Birdie dress:

Next up were some lovely notions:

A cute metal zipper, some vintage popper studs and a length of hooks and eyes on lace. Ann said she realised I didn't do much in the way of lingerie sewing, but that she thought the hooks and eyes might make an interesting closure on the front of a dress.

Best of all, though, was the length of amazing cotton sateen included:

I'm not sure exactly how much is there but there's more than enough for a dress - Ann suggested a shift dress, and I think that's a good idea. I'm thrilled to bits with my loot - thanks so much, Ann, and to Kerry for organising it!

The rest of the week was grand - I was working from home on Friday and I've been having a very enjoyable weekend. Ann's parcel kicked my sewing mojo into touch and I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning sewing - more on that later in the week - and of course, making the most of the sunshine by getting out into it as much as I can. I've been having migraines more frequently recently so I've only been able to enjoy the sunshine in limited doses, sadly.

 This is the face of someone who is hopped up on migraine medicine. That shiz messes with me. I'm wearing my Stop Staring Sailor Swing dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon cherries

Last night I went to the pub with Nic and some friends - we had some pub garden time and then moved indoors to get progressively drunker while setting the world to rights, and deciding that 'Shitty Kitchen' would be a good name for a band. Yep. I love my friends. 

 Ruby Belle Madagascar dress and Swedish Hasbeen Toffel sandals

This dress is wrinkled to hell here because I'd been wearing it all day - including to sew and do house-cleaning in! And those aren't wrinkles on the bust - it's gathered there. I love the flamingoes on this dress and the colour, but I'm not at all sure about the sleeves. I bought the Hasbeens thinking they'd be great sandals for summer but a) summer? and b) each time I've worn them they've chewed up my toes and cut up my ankles. We had a bit of a walk to the pub last night so I braved it out, and I think I'm finally starting to break them in. And they are really cute!

And a derpy out-take. This was pre-wine. Imagine post-wine. Not that different!

Now... the weather has turned from dry and sunny to hailstormy, so I'm off to rethink my wedding outfit....