Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Oeufs Scramblayed... that IS special. You wait to you see what you're getting on Monday.

What is it about polka dots, do you think? Is it the retro appeal, or that they're classic, or just that they're fun? I don't know. All I know is that, cliche and all as it may be, I sure do rock a lot of polka dots (and I just hit blogger cliche overload there by quoting New Girl. Oh well.) All that said, I've tried not to fall into the trap of sewing every single garment ever with polka dots because I can at least recognise my own obsessive behaviour. In my sewing career thus far I have sewn only two polka dot dresses, and one pin dot dress (AND THAT'S TOTALLY NOT THE SAME YOU GUYS OKAY) but this is by no means proportionate to either the amount of time I have spent pawing polka dot fabrics or the number of polka dot dresses in my wardrobe.

When I wore my beautiful polka dot Vivien of Holloway dress to Nic's graduation a few weeks ago I was struck again by how awesome polka dots are and I resolved to wear that dress more often. I will do that but, to be fair, a halterneck dress with a boned bodice is not your most practical for everyday wear. When I saw Sew Busy Lizzy's polka dot Cambie dress I was hit with a violent case of LOADS. That dress is FIT. The only issue for me is that I'm Irish. I have the corresponding Irish Skin (very pale) and the corresponding Irish Face (very round) so I knew I couldn't carry it off. Sigh. So anyway, the TL:DR of this is:


 The shoulder there on the left, it does fit. I'm just standing a bit weirdly here...

Yes, yes. I know. But still - I'm not done with Cambie yet even if this is version 4. It's joyful to sew and dammit, it's such a cute and versatile pattern! The red polka dot cotton came from my lovely local fabric shop, Royal Fabrics. It's quite weighty and crisp and in the interests of honesty, I should say that it's not exactly what I was after (it's more tomato red than pillarbox red) but I enjoy the overall effect and it was extremely pleasant to sew with. It's lined with some lightweight cream cotton lawn I had in my stash.

Oooh yeah pockets, that's right. Can you believe I was considering not putting the pockets in? Thankfully I woke up from my idiot nap and put them in...

No real notes on the construction. Tasia's instructions are so excellent and the dress came together really easily in a matter of hours. The only thing I did contrary to the instructions was not to apply interfacing to the lining waistband as well as the outer waistband. I did this with my first Cambie dress and it proved too bulky to get the invisible zipper up over all the layers - the zipper stuck and when I was repairing it my sewing machine jammed and I had to cut the dress out of it! A tragic mending accident but at least one I have learned from. If I were making the dress with more drapey fabric I'd stick with the instructions but for this kind of cotton I don't think it's the best idea.

Back view. I don't usually do this....

As I said earlier, I'm definitely not done with Cambie. I have more versions planned for future projects, it's a very versatile pattern. I'm really pleased with this make and I know I'll wear it a lot - it's fun and flirty. And yes, I know that wearing this in public will result in people (mainly men in vans) being all "Haaa! Minnie Mouse LOL" but that's really okay. There are worse people I could be compared with. I did think about really going for the Minnie look by wearing this with yellow shoes but in the end I couldn't resist my favourite shoes. I know you all are probably totally sick of seeing these cherry shoes on here but I really do love them. Nic and I are rewatching Sex and The City at the moment and the other night we watched the S6 episode A Woman's Right To Shoes and Nic cracked a joke about what would I do if someone stole a pair of my shoes and I immediately thought of how gutted I would be if someone stole these! I know. What a loser, right?!

Anyway, yes. Next up on the sewing table is more polka dots... but not a Cambie this time...

I bought this pattern on sale in Fancy Silk Stores when I was in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I picked up some beautiful navy polka dot cotton lawn to make it with. I'm thinking of going with View C but I haven't totally decided yet. Hopefully whichever version I make I can be as totally nonchalant as the broad in the yellow dress when I'm wearing it.

Who am I kidding. As if this IRISH FACE could ever do elegantly nonchalant: