Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Toby has been cruisin' for a bruisin' for twelve years. And I am now his cruise director. And my name is Captain Bruisin'

Hey everyone! Hey what about this lovely September sunshine, eh? I had all but given up hope of any good weather so it's really nice to feel the sun on my face once again. Of course I'm still having to carry winter woollens with me because the 'smart climate' heating system at work has set itself to MAXIMUM REFRIDGERATION so it's very chilly at my desk. I suppose that's better than it being soporifically warm... well, actually, I'm not convinced by that. But whatever. Sunshine yay, basically!

It's all been pretty quiet since Nic and I got back from Northern Ireland and I have mainly been getting the flat back in order (all I can think is that Bagpuss and the Lego minifigures had some wild parties in my absence) and settling back into the routine at work. September to February is the really busy time in my line of work so I've just been trying to get myself prepared for that. It was good to come home and for it to be a bank holiday weekend, however. All we were fit for on the Saturday evening was pyjamas and bed, and on Sunday I thought it would be good to reacclimatise myself with Leamington with a little walk in town and an ice-cream in the park. It's funny how after even just a weekend away, Leamington seems like a really strange place. I think it's even more pronounced after being at my parents' house in very quiet rural Tyrone. I wore a dress that had arrived for me while I was away

 Fever Blossom prom dress, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa pompom shoes and vintage wicker handbag - a gift from Louise

I am in two minds over whether to keep this dress or not. I love the print and I think the shape is very unusual. It's a snug fit on me though and while it isn't uncomfortable - and I think, looking at the photos anyway, it looks fine, I'm still not sure. Of course this is partly post-Ireland potato weight so perhaps the next time I wear it there'll be a bit more breathing room in it! This is one of the very annoying things about buying online. I bought my usual size in this - I have many many dresses by Fever and usually the size 10 is a good fit, but I have found that this last season's collection has been a wee bit on the small side. This isn't just me being in denial about my weight, either - all of my older size 10s still fit fine! I really dislike how even in one brand the sizing can be so inconsistent and I suppose that's partly down to brands using different manufacturers with differing size charts. Anyway, TLDR - I'll wear this dress again before deciding whether it's a keeper or is going to go to one of my slimmer friends.

 The handbag is fabulous, though, and was a gift from my lovely friend Louise. Check out the fishy!

As I said in my last post, I am still struggling a bit with feeling homesick and the dismal grey bank holiday Monday didn't massively help matters. What did make me feel better was a long lie-in and calling round for lunch with Denise and Michael. For one thing, it's always good to see lovely friends and for another their Irish accents were tremendously comforting! Nic and I brought bread, cheese and olives and Denise and Michael provided the coffee and cake and it was delightful.

 Louche Dale dress and Irregular Choice Cortesan shoes and vintage handbag

I love this Louche dress, which was a present from Nic. The 60s style print and very short skirt always makes me feel a bit mod, so I back-combed my hair and gave myself the mini-est beehive. I don't have a lot of hair:

Look who is smug about having her first good hair day in months...

Denise and Michael have just moved house and their new house is really cool - it has a well lit and spacious basement room which they're using as a music and wine room and, although the landlord is opposed to doorknobs (when Denise asked for some to be fitted on the doors he replied "No-one has ever asked for that before, I've never really thought them necessary") he has built this tiny and mysterious door into the skirting board in the living room - complete with doorknob!

Spending time with friends really did help to ease the homesickness a bit, and so did getting back into my routine at work on Tuesday. All of last week was fairly busy in the office but I did have the added bonus of bring Nic into work with me as he is doing some freelance work for my organisation at the moment. It certainly helped that he was looking so handsome:

 Awww. That lovely jacket was another gift from Louise and Peter.

On Friday I worked from home and, in the afternoon, we packed up our bags and headed to Kent for the weekend. But that's a story for another day!