Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Over time, your quickness with a cocky rejoinder must have gotten you many punches in the face.

Evening all! I managed to make it to work and back today without being washed away by the rain, and I managed to make it through the day without swinging for someone. Which is no mean feat in my workplace at the moment. So that's good! Dinner is in the oven, I've done my chores, and the weekend is nearly here - and my little sister and her boyfriend are visiting this weekend and I am very excited about that. We have lots of fun things planned including a day out in That London, but of course I'm most excited about just seeing her.

Last weekend was very relaxed and low-key, partly because I knew this coming week and weekend would be so busy. On Saturday morning Nic and I headed out to meet Lysy and The Scientist for coffee and to meet their new baby, who is just gorgeous. I love babies - this one was particularly darling - and it was really good to see them both taking so well to parenthood. It was cold on Saturday. I didn't wear tights and I was grand - but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that again this year. That's always a little bit sad for me, because I find tights so irritating. Anyway, sewing with Lucy's Springtime in Paris fabric reminded me of one of my own Eiffel Tower dresses:

Foux du FaFa Chantilly dress, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa PomPom Lady Dragon shoes and Ness Ebony handbag

I had sort of forgotten how much I like this dress - the fabric is very striking and I attracted compliments for it all day long, which gave my ego a welcome boost! Of course I wore a cardigan and a coat when I was out, folks. I didn't want my legs turning blue to match my shoes!

I spent Saturday sewing. Charlotte came round in the afternoon and we did some work on a dress for her - I badgered her into buying some fabric at the Birmingham meetup on the promise that we'd make her a dress together. It was a lot of fun and only rain halted play, as Charlotte developed a headache after a couple of hours. So we headed out for a walk in town and a coffee. When I got home I did a bit of sewing for myself before we headed out to the pub to celebrate Lauren's birthday.

 You can't see the whole dress in the photo but I'm wearing my Bettie Page Captain dress - I'm very envious of Lauren's Vivien of Holloway pencil dress, though!

We had a fantastic night. I said to Nic on the way out "let's not have too much to drink" as I knew he had marking to do on Sunday. But I still found myself getting chips on the way home, and then eating Nic's chips when we GOT home. Smooth. So I was a leeetle hung over on Sunday, but that was grand. Apart from going out to get a few groceries we spent the day indoors - me sewing and Nic resting (he was a wee bit more hung over than I was) and it was just lovely.

I managed to miss Tilly's Sewing Social on Sunday night because I was sewing (hand-sewing and watching Deadwood) and I was kicking myself for missing the discussion about how to fit sewing into a busy life as this has been on my mind recently. Life and work are very busy at the moment, and the cold dark evenings often mean I want to come home and put my pyjamas on and cuddle on the sofa. Well, I do that a lot! But I have been sewing more recently. When I first started sewing, I used to sew for long stretches - days at a time, even - not stopping until I was finished whatever it was I was working on. I'd get tired and cranky and frustrated when I made mistakes. Then there was ages when I didn't sew at all. I'm getting better at striking a balance, I think. I still like to sew for an uninterrupted stretch when I can, and this is for practical reasons as much as anything else, as I don't have a sewing space and sew in the living room. But I am getting better at putting things down when I get tired, and I am getting better at not trying to cram everything into one session. I sewed Lucy's dress over the course of a few evenings during a very stressful week and it felt good to come back from my day job and do something creative and satisfying. It keeps me wanting to sew as well because I don't burn out. I don't think the Pomodoro technique would work for me when it comes to sewing, but a little taste of it certainly does! I think learning to sew when I did saved my sanity in so many ways, and it is continuing to do that.

With that, I'm off. Dinner is nearly ready and I am hungry, but I'll be back before too long. Stay warm and dry, all! xxx