Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Never go with a hippy to a second location.

Evening all! No OMGSNOW (tm Forever Amber) here so that's good. I like snow, on Christmas cards. As I'm counting down the days until I can go home for the holidays, snow is most unwelcome. I just don't think I can cope with the stress this year!

Well anyway, I hope you've all been having a good week. Work is busy as ever, although this week is a little less stressful than last week. Last week wiped me out - and Nic had a similarly busy week - so our plan for the weekend was to be as lazy and indulgent as possible. As the end of last week coincided with a much-anticipated (and much-needed) payday for both of us, this was particularly enjoyable. On Friday night, it was all about Deadwood, wine and nachos.

I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning and then we headed over to nearby Kenilworth to run some errands and buy fancy food in Waitrose. I decided to wear a lovely new (to me) dress that had arrived earlier in the week:

Gingham pencil dress from ASOS (via ebay) Irregular Choice Oz shoes and Ness handbag

Because I liked the polka dot wiggle dress so much, I thought I'd spring for this one when I saw it at a similar price. The seller only had it in a 12 and despite the 10 being a little roomy on me I thought "eh, fine" and bought it anyway. But what I hadn't taken into account was that a) this is not the same dress as the polka dot one and b) size 12 is smaller than size 10. Except, wait there b, a 12 is NOT smaller than a 10. But this one is! If I had bought the 10 it would have been too small. This is actually a good fit, it's fitted but there was still room for me to layer up with a slip underneath. Online shopping is a shit, sometimes. I'd have been so gutted if this hadn't fit. I do like the dress a LOT, though. It isn't as impressive as the polka dot one - there are no underarm gussets, for one thing, and the zip is really strange, it's a big white plastic zipper like you might see on jackets? But I'm being picky, maybe, because for the price I paid for it, it's adorable. I love the shade of blue in the gingham.
Basically the same photo, except I'm looking at the camera in this one!

I'm not sold on ASOS, though. I have ordered a dress from them directly and actually getting it delivered is a bit of a pain. Ebay 4 lyf. 

We had a successful trip to Kenilworth - Nic bought me some shoes (woo!) and we bought lots of sweeties and cheese and booze in Waitrose before heading back to Leamington to go to the pub, go home for dinner, and then go back to the pub. A pleasing Saturday!
Essential shopping

The evening pub trip was to say a fond farewell to our friend Wujung, who was leaving to go back to Korea. It was sad to say goodbye, and I'll really miss him, and it was a fitting way to send him on his travels. It was also a good chance to catch up with other friends...

with Denise

And on Sunday, this happened...

That's it from me for this evening. I have halloumi waiting to be eaten. Waitrose essential halloumi.