Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Really? I like my Pradork bag.

Hello beauties! I'm curled up on the sofa at my parents' house, with a small dog not far away and a large mug of coffee next to me - I'm finally on my Christmas holidays! I got home last night after a lazy day in Leamington, and was greeted with the wonderful news that my little sister got engaged! So I am feeling very festive and relaxed indeed.

I was able to take a case home this time with me (rather than my usual trick of trying to fit everything into my hand luggage) so I have lots of pretty dresses to wear over the holidays, and rather too many pairs of shoes, too - but space for me to potentially bring something back from the Solo sale, which has become something of a Roisin Christmas tradition! But I do have a backlog of outfits to show you so, yeah!

This is from a whole month ago! Sunday 18th November, to be precise...

Sunday 18th November 2012 
Fever Phoenix dress and Irregular Choice Flick Flack shoes, with mustard tights from Primark

Ha ha, look how moody I look here! That wasn't at all intentional, I promise. Although by the end of this afternoon I WAS feeling a bit moody because these stupid tights kept rolling down and I had to take them off and put them in the bin. Which is annoying, because I love the colour! I may get some more mustard-coloured tights one of these days, but this reminded me just why wearing tights bugs me. I'm not sure how I feel about this dress, either. It's comfortable and pretty cute and everything, but I so rarely wear it because it's grey. But anyway, it was grand for whatever it was I was doing on that particular Sunday!

A more recent Sunday this time, Sunday 2nd December:

Sunday 2nd December 2012 
Fever Owl dress, red tights from Dorothy Perkins and Irregular Choice Little Miss Oh shoes

I didn't take a good photo of the print on this skirt, but it's little owls sitting in a tree by the light of a crescent moon. I like it because it reminds me very much of one of my favourite childhood books, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. It's a lovely, fun and comfortable dress to wear and an example of how patience can pay off when it comes to ebay. There are a few items in my wardrobe like this - things I have seen and either missed in the shop, or didn't want to pay the full price for. I had to wait over a year for this to pop up, but it did and for a mere £10. Good old ebay! This dress also looks cool with a petticoat underneath it as the skirt is quite voluminous, but for a lazy Sunday at home that didn't feel necessary or practical.

Anyway, that's a few that have been on the shelf for a while. I have more, but as I am on holiday and dedicated to leisure right now my brain is switching itself off! But I will be back in the week so I will see you all then.