Saturday, December 01, 2012

Shouldn't 'vaginatorium' be capitalised?

Hi all, and happy December! I've been having a crazy work week, I can't quite remember the last time I felt this relieved for it to be the weekend. So I hope you're having gorgeous weekends, whatever you're up to!

Since I last wrote, my little sister has been here to visit and we had a blast. I'll tell you about that in a minute, though. Earlier this week I got an email from the fabulous Roobeedoo, which made my day for lots of reasons. One of them was her suggestion that some photos from a previous post would work well as a gif. So, Roo, this is for you:

creating gifs
If you like it then you should have put a ring on it

Anyway, yes, last weekend! I was super excited about Colleen and Rich visiting, and they arrived on Friday evening so the best thing we could think of to do was to take them to Kayal for dinner. It was really busy in there so we had to wait quite a long time for our food, but when it did arrive it was absolutely delicious, so totally worth it.

Neither Colleen nor Rich had ever been to London before so that's how we decided to spend Saturday. We got up bright and early and caught the train down. Unfortunately the weather was absolutely stinking, so it wasn't the best day to be tourists in London. Still, we had a good time. We caught the tube to Green Park and walked down through Green Park to Buckingham Palace:

Polka dot pencil dress from ASOS, Jonathan Aston tights, red shoes from Topshop and Nica Cannes handbag

I bought this polka dot pencil dress on ebay, and they still have some of the variations of it on ASOS (like this one) I bought it sort of on spec because to be honest, I've been pretty unimpressed with the quality of ASOS own brand stuff I have bought previously. But I did like the look of this, and thought it was worth £12.99. But do you know, the quality is just lovely. The fabric is a really gorgeous cotton sateen with a slight stretch, it has pockets, is a proper midi length and the sewing nerd in me is super impressed with the fact that it has underarm gussets! So I did buy that floral one I linked to because I think for the money it's a lovely frock.


After looking at Buckingham Palace we walked through St James's Park to see the Pelicans - which were brilliant - and up through Westminster to Trafalgar Square. It's a shame it was so rainy, because we got some excellent sight-seeing in. By the time we got to Trafalgar Square we were wet and in need of somewhere to sit down and eat. Our pub choice wasn't serving food so we, rubes that we were, went into Garfunkel's. Folks, DO NOT EVER GO TO GARFUNKEL'S. What a pile of absolute shit. Seriously. After waiting for nearly an hour for our 'nacho sharing plate' THIS is what we got:

This picture should be subtitled "Disappointment" or "NINE FUCKING POUNDS"

Once we got up to Soho things improved slightly, though. It was still raining, but at least we were in Soho. Colleen and I both did some shopping in Zegerman and Lusky - she bought a top and I bought a Get Cutie dress on ridiculous sale. What makes it even better was that it was one I had been after for an age, in this print:
Apparently "bluebirds" but these seem like finches and tits to me 

I made the mistake of taking Colleen and Richard to Oxford Street. Ew. But, I think, overall they enjoyed their day. On Sunday we took them around Leamington to all the sights and to enjoy the Christmas markets, and curled up in the evening with dinner and Working Girl.  It was a really lovely visit, and it made me feel very excited about Christmas and going home and spending time with my family.

Anyway, now that it's December I can start to get legitimately excited about Christmas and going home for the holidays. It's also Dressember and while I'm not taking part this year (I found last year that, as far as the organiser was concerned, it didn't count if you weren't on Facebook), I do love seeing what other people wear. Gemma of Big Girls Browse is taking part this year and raising money for Parkinsons UK. She has fabulous clothes so make sure you check it out!

Well, that's your lot for this evening. I need to have dinner and go to the pub!