Monday, December 31, 2012

You can't give up now. Did Jackie Jormp-Jomp give up when those vampires attacked Woodstox?

So, there are only a few hours left of 2012 and, having made the executive decision not to go out tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing 2013 in with my family, Nic and a bottle of champagne. Naturally then it's time for me to reflect a bit on 2012!

I started 2012 with really high hopes that I'd have a good year. And I really have had a brilliant year! I still haven't got my work situation improved as much as I would have liked, but that's just a resolution to carry forward into 2013, and I can live with that.

My year has been full of love and laughter and good times. It was also a year of weddings - I suppose I'm getting to that age now - and Nic and I had the joy and privilege of being guests at four weddings. Emma and Adrian on New Year's Eve, Dan and Vic in May, Adam and Helene in July and my baby sister, Kelly, in August:

Kelly and Mickey's wedding - 18th August 2012 
Kelly and Mickey Daly - 18th August 2012

The other big day I enjoyed in 2012 was when my darling Nic finished his PhD. He had his viva in January and graduated in July, becoming Doctor Nicolas Pillai. So we got to celebrate it twice, with one big night out and massive hangover in January, and a wonderfully sunshiny ceremony in the summer!

Nic's graduation - 17th July 2012 
With Doctor Pillai on 17th July 2012

I talked about it length at the time, but I am so incredibly proud of Nic for this achievement and it was brilliant to be able to celebrate it with good friends. 

The other big event of 2012 was our trip to Orlando in March - my first time in America! I had a wonderful week in the sunshine, it was such a treat to spend a week in a beautiful, hot and sunny place!  We had the extra bit of luck in having Nic's colleague Julian to show us around and to be joined for a few days by our dear friend Tom. I'd go back to Florida in the morning, to be honest. It was magic - and we didn't even get a glimpse of that famous mouse! 

me in Winter Park 
Me by one of Winter Park's many beautiful lakes, in March

That's just the headlines,  really. I have had a happy year with lots of adventure and fun - if I have half as much fun in 2013,  I'll be doing well. I have honestly never felt so happy and relaxed and excited about the future - it's a good feeling! My only real resolution is to keep doing the things that have kept me happy and healthy throughout 2012 - to spend time with loved ones, to spend quality time with myself by sewing and crafting and reading and dreaming, and to try to be open and adventurous.

Monday 18th December 2012 
A belated outfit shot from 18th December - floral pencil dress from ASOS, Poetic Licence Backlash shoes and Ness Sienna satchel

My lazy and relaxed Christmas holiday has set me up nicely for the start of the year, and it's even better now that Nic has joined us in Northern Ireland to see in the new year. If nothing else, he might help me put the brakes on my shoe-buying spree. My home town of Dungannon is wicked good for shoe shopping and I indulged myself with three pairs of shoes in the last fortnight! I don't even feel bad because you guys know, I do wear my frivolous shoes... Also, I bought them from nice independent shops so I am supporting my local economy by indulging my acquisitive side! But I probably don't have room in my case (or, you know, in our flat) for any more...

Escape Boutique by Zoe Greenhill 'Canape' court shoes 
Escape Boutique by Zoe Greenhill 'Canape' heels

This is my nod to sensible shoes - the heel isn't that high and they're black patent. Except, they have bows on the toes and the heels themselves are purple. Still! These came from Panache in The Linen Green. I've linked to the website there, but I wouldn't bother, it's a bit crap. The shop itself is pretty cool, though!

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Dove Lady Dragon 
Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon in dove with pink heart

Irregular Choice Swallow Courts
Irregular Choice Swallow court shoes

Ah, my two favourite shoe brands, and from one of my favourite shoe shops, Solo in Dungannon. It doesn't have a website either, but buying half price shoes from there has become a Christmas tradition for me. Hurrah! 

Now I've shown you my new shoes and told you about my year, all that remains is for me to wish all my dear readers a very very happy new year. This blog has brought me so much happiness over this past year and every comment and email has meant a great deal to me. Thanks, guys, and here's to lots more dresses, shoes, sewing and adventures in 2013!