Thursday, January 17, 2013

A great wine is like a great woman; always intoxicating, ever-surprising, and only getting better with age.

Hello all, and can I say a massive THANK FECK at getting to the end of this week? It has not been super-enjoyable. Nothing seriously bad has happened, or anything like that, I've just been feeling really out of sorts. It's partly having been ill, and I think it's partly just a bit of a January slump. When I remind myself to be positive, I can be. I've been sewing a lot, because it's a good distraction and I enjoy it. But a lot of the time I've really had to jolly myself along and there have been more than a few occasions when I've wanted to get into bed and not get back out until the spring. I have that tight, heavy feeling in my throat and chest like I need a good cry. So I think over this weekend I'm going to watch a big old weepy and get it out of my system. Any recommendations for me?

Anyway, genuinely sorry to moan - it just helps sometimes to get these feelings out. As I said, I have been sewing lots and I finished my Bernie Dexter knockoff dress! I need to think of a better name for it, and I need to photograph it still, but it's great and I will post about it soon. And, this week hasn't been totally terrible or anywhere close. I'm working from home tomorrow, so I don't have to go anywhere in the snow. I'm going to curl up and be cosy all weekend and try to get my sparkle back.

So, an outfit from last weekend. This is what I wore on Sunday after I finished modelling my Honolulu Baby dress:

Sunday 13th January 2013 
Bettie Page Rita dress in rust, spotty tights from Untold at House of Fraser and Escape Boutique by Zoe Greenhill shoes

As I said in my previous post, I bought this lovely Bettie Page dress from Helen at Pinup Parade. She tweeted a picture of it in December and I reserved one in my size, I knew I'd love it! I already have the Rita dress in green, so I knew I'd wear another one...

Sunday 11th March 2012 
Rita dress in green - photo from 11th March 2012

I bought the green Rita dress from Pinup Parade as well, as a little birthday present to myself when I turned 29. Not only was the price right - at £65, Pinup Parade stocks these dresses considerably cheaper than elsewhere - but each time I have ordered something from Helen she's been extremely helpful. This isn't a sponsored post or anything, and I haven't been given any enticement to write it, but I like to support excellent small businesses when I can!

Anyway, I really love both versions of the Rita dress and the colour is especially spectacular in the rust one. It's hard not to feel like Joan Holloway when you're sashaying down the corridor in either of these dresses! I love Bettie Page dresses in general; I have a nice little collection of them now and I'm always impressed by the quality and design. So, I heart repro, basically.

That's the length and breadth of my thoughts for this evening. Again, don't forget that if you'd like to win some mystery polka dot fabric, leave a comment on this post before midnight GMT on Saturday 19th. I'm off to eat pizza and watch a cop show because WE'RE THE SWEENEY AND WE HAVEN'T HAD OUR DINNER.