Thursday, February 07, 2013

You know what Mr. Bag? I will have a nice day. I'm gonna hang you in my kitchen and fill you with other bags. You will eat your family.

So... you guys all been having an exciting week? Yeah, me too. But hey, it's Thursday night, which is tantamount to Friday. It's all good. Apart from the weather, that is. THAT CAN DO ONE. I am so over feeling cold.

A good time then, to look back to the sunshine of last weekend. It was chilly last Saturday, still, but the sunshine made it all feel somehow more bearable. After running a few errands in town, Nic and I had a leisurely walk over to Warwick. This is one of my favourite things to do on a Saturday - the walk is just the right length to feel like we're getting some exercise (about 3 miles) and Warwick is small enough to aimlessly potter around without getting too tired. All good. We had the plan of doing some shopping in the market but when we got there, there weren't many stalls and it was just too cold to stand around them. So instead we had lunch, had a look in the charity shops, and walked back home.

Saturday 2nd February 2013
Louche Leah dress, green cardigan from H&M and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl

Naturally I did also have a coat on because, duh. It was too cold to consider taking my cardigan off, though. The cardigan was part of my Christmas present from my sister (along with the complete Red Dwarf boxed set, oh yeah) and it turned out to be the perfect match for this dress, which is otherwise a bit difficult to accessorise. Recently, I have been leaning towards wearing slightly longer skirts, so strangely enough this dress felt a bit short! Which, obviously it's not, but my knees were cold, but that's because it's February. The wind that's causing me to push my hair back in that photo was cold enough to slice through a person.

Saturday 2nd February 2013 

I've been having a bit of writer's block this week. This is partly because work is busy and it's turning my brain to treacle but I must admit to it being partly because I feel that, right now, I'm not sure what I'm doing with this blog.

That's not some big existential crisis or anything although I must admit that sometimes, I do wonder what on earth I'm doing putting all of this on the internet. It's more that I'm trying to decide whether I should keep this blog as it is, or try to become a bit more focused. I never set out to have a sewing blog - I had this blog before I had a sewing machine. I never even really set out to have a personal style blog. This started out as a place for me just to write about whatever was in my head at the time. Over the past few years that's become more focused on style and on sewing, and that feels natural and I like it. I do miss writing about TV and books, though. So I do want to make a conscious effort to include more commentary here, as well as talking about what I did and what I wore while I was doing it. I want to be a better and more interesting writer.

I suppose where this is all coming from is the fact that a few opportunities have come my way recently and part of that is more exposure for my blog. That's great, because it's always nice to have new readers (hi, new readers!) but I suppose it has made me a bit self-conscious about what it is I'm doing here, and it has made me decide to try to become a bit more focused. I don't usually tell the people I know in real life that I blog and I have been wondering why this is. I didn't tell my colleagues (with the exception of the ones who are good friends outside of work) out of a fear that they'd think me frivolous and ridiculous and weird, and also because this has been a safe space for me to crab about work. This blog is not on my CV. But I don't want that to be the case because I'm proud of it! I'm proud that I write regularly, and that I'm part of an online community, and that this is something that I have created. I need to get behind my blog a bit more, and make it something I'm really proud to talk about.

What do you think about this? I know a lot of my readers have blogs themselves - do you tell people you're a blogger? And those of you who don't blog, what's your take on it? I'd love to know if other people have these thoughts, too!