Friday, February 15, 2013

You were lucky, Kurn... but luck always runs out. Someday I will stand over your broken corpse and drink to the victory of the Duras!

Yo fools, and happy Friday! So much for my plans to blog more frequently this year as it's been a week since I last did any blogging but eh, it's been a busy week. And now it's the freakin' weekend and I'm about to have me some fun. Right now, that means drinking tea, eating chocolate biscuits and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. YEAH.

Anyway, it's been a busy week but a good one and I feel like I achieved a lot. I was busy at work, built and populated a bookcase, made a dress, read an excellent book (The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin - you should definitely read it, because it was brilliant) and found a cute little apartment for us to stay in when we go to Paris in the spring. Oh, and I was interviewed by the BBC.

Yeah, that's right, the BBC. But don't get too excited, it was local radio, and it was only about 10 minutes. Still though, it was very exciting! After appearing in the Coventry Evening Telegraph showing my handmade knickers, I was contacted by a researcher from BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire asking would I give an interview on the Annie Othen show on Monday morning so naturally enough I said yes! I had some time in lieu to take, so I took Monday off and enjoyed the whole day. I had to go to the studio, which is in Coventry city centre, and of course it was only fitting to wear something I had made. Unfortunately it was snowing, and very cold...

Meta dress (Butterick B5748) with a mint cardigan from H&M and Poetic Licence Backlash boots

It was really windy, too! Anyway, the interview was very short but a lot of fun, even if I was encouraged to show the presenter my knickers while I was actually wearing them... in a studio that has a webcam and a window out onto a public area. Yeah. I no longer have any shame at all, it seems. Still, it made me happy to promote Action 21, and it was very exciting to be interviewed about how I fit sewing into my life. You can listen to the interview (until Sunday) here - I'm on just after 11!

One of the questions Annie asked me was, would I consider doing this for a living. That's always a difficult question to answer, isn't it? Lots of people, when they're being complimentary about something I have made myself will say "you should do this for a living" and I always tell them that I'm not sure that I want to turn my hobby into my livelihood. I do feel that way, but one of the things that I realised after teaching the knicker workshop a few weeks ago is that I do really enjoy teaching, and since then I have been considering whether I could turn this into a business. For now, I'm committed to volunteering - and this is of benefit to me, because it's all experience. But maybe some day I can quit being a civil servant and focus on something more creative for a career. Maybe.

Certainly, I have decided since my last post, that I am going to focus on making this blog my space to be creative and to write about what takes my fancy. Thank you to everyone who commented so kindly and so thoughtfully! I have had a busy week, but I've been bubbling over with ideas for posts I want to write, so watch this space.

For now, though, it's Friday evening. I have a date with a friend to watch a bad film, and then a large gin and tonic to enjoy. Have a good weekend, everyone!