Monday, March 11, 2013

Look in the mirror. How do you think it'd go over if I came into work one day wearing a cowboy hat? You think I'd get away with that?

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm currently huddled up under a hundred blankets again, as the weather has turned so disgusting. Boo! Naturally enough I'm still pining for and sewing for the warmer weather, so fingers crossed that this snow clears off soon.

I had a really lovely long weekend, having taken Friday and today as annual leave. I really needed this after having an exceptionally terrible and upsetting day at work on Thursday. I'll talk about that more in a future post because I feel like I need to get it out of my system, but at the same time I'm not ready to go into it yet. So the long weekend was especially welcome, and we had a reason to celebrate as well, as it was Nic's birthday.

I had a very lazy day on Friday, and just chilled out in the house and did some sewing. We only went out to get groceries and ingredients for baking Nic's birthday cake.

Friday 8th March 2013
Vintage dress and bowler hat, Hard Hearted Harlot 'Reply' boots and satchel by Max C London

This is a wee bit different from my usual style, but I love this vintage dress. I bought it a few years ago in a vintage shop in Birmingham, and I have no idea when it dates from, but it's handmade. The hat came from the same shop, strangely enough, but on a different trip. Anyway - this is all very matchy-matchy as the black and taupe go with my gorgeous Max C satchel. The satchel was a gift from Fuse Fashion, who got in touch with me a few weeks ago and offered me something from their site to review. I was in the market for a new bag anyway, so this seemed to fit the bill.

Friday 8th March 2013

I've been using the satchel pretty much constantly since I received it a couple of weeks ago - it's a pretty big bag, in fact it's bigger than I had realised from the product shot - so of course it's totally practical for my work bits and bobs. The push locks are cute but are a bit fiddly to get opened and closed, but at least that means that a pick-pocket would have trouble getting into the bag!

Strangely enough, the last time I wore this dress was exactly a month previously, on Friday 8th February:

Friday 8th February 2013 
Friday 8th February 2013 - vintage dress again, this time with neutral court shoes from Peacocks

I do always wonder about this dress, and why the person who made it gave it away. I mean, I'm glad they did because it fits me so perfectly! But I do always think about it when I wear it and how it feels to give away something that you have made.

Anyway, that's enough of me dribbling on for one evening. I'm pretty tired and I think that shows. I will be back later in the week though, hopefully able to show you some more of the weather-inappropriate things I've been sewing. See you then, my dears!

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post, although I did receive the bag as a gift from Fuse Fashion. As ever, all opinions are honest and my own.