Wednesday, March 06, 2013

You know what must have happened? My hot and foamy must have exploded!

Yo yo YO. You guys. I have been having a sucky week. I don't know how to explain it really. I hurt my shoulder somehow on Sunday and was miserable and in pain for all of Sunday and Monday, and some of yesterday. Work has been as horrible as ever, but I've been struggling a wee bit more with it than usual because I'm tired and cranky. FUN OR WHAT. Anyway, it's Wednesday night now and I have a long weekend ahead of me if I can just get through tomorrow without going on some kind of rampage. Wish me luck, yeah?

Anyway, I'm trying to get my week turned around. I left work a bit earlier than usual and called in with the ladies at Berylune, and then I came home and ate the delicious halloumi that Nic cooked for me. Then he went to the pub and I cleaned my sewing machine. But all of that was refreshing and reminded me anew that work might suck, and indeed it does suck, but I have lots of wonderful things in my life that the soul-sucking things about work can't destroy. Sorry to be boring, but my head has been wrecked these past few days.

Anyway, looking back to the weekend, I have another finished object to show you! I actually finished this dress before the Stay The Course dress, but I managed to get the Stay The Course dress photographed first. These pictures aren't the best - I was both laughing at the silly jokes Nic was making, and wincing in pain because of my shoulder:

Sunday 3rd March 2013
The Too Many Dresses dress

Now, this dress was the result of some soul-searching. My dearest Lauren and Rick bought me this beautiful small-print floral fabric in September for my birthday and I earmarked it for a shirt-dress. But, after the slight stress of sewing my Parfait dress I really wanted to sew something simple and fun. I got a bit torn between sewing what I wanted to sew, and worrying that I should be sewing something where I'd learn something new. I took the question to twitter and got the enabling I needed, and decided to sew the circle dress my heart desired.

For this, I went back to the lovely Eliza M pattern that Eliza sent me to review in January. I fear I gave this pattern a bit of a bad rap when I sewed it up in the first place. Well, no - I did say how much I liked the pattern and I do still feel that the instructions could be better, but it is cute AS. I mean, look at it. Still - I wasn't happy with the fit of the bodice so decided that this time, I'd make some adjustments and not fudge it. The back bodice piece is similar in shape to that of Simplicity 2444, which does fit well. So I compared the pattern pieces. The Eliza dress doesn't have any darts in the back bodice, but Simplicity 2444 does, so I just transferred those across. The only other change I made was to dispense with the all-in-one facing and redraft the facing pieces for the neckline. I used bias binding for the armholes. I also used an invisible zip, because that's what I had. And I ignored the instructions, which made the whole thing a lot easier.

Sunday 3rd March 2013

As you can see from the CHUBBY FACE OF JOY (and some pain) I am pretty damn happy with the dress. I actually wore it out for the first time last Wednesday night, to the pub. Our local is an old man pub, but it's the kind where you can rock up in a circle dress and crinoline on a Wednesday night and nobody passes any remarks. It was really too cold to wear this dress on Sunday, so after we went out for a walk and did the grocery shopping, I came home and put my pyjamas on. I'm in my pyjamas now. I know that might spoil the illusion, but like, I love my pyjamas.

Anyway, yes, the pattern. This all came together really easily and I'm very happy with the result. My experiment with the darts on the bodice confirmed that I need to do a bit of work on pattern drafting, so I'm getting that organised. It's sort of funny that I sewed this dress, needing it to be a straightforward and fun project and that is what has encouraged me to push my learning a little bit further. I suppose taking the pressure off myself reminded me that I want to learn a bit more.

Sunday 3rd March 2013
As I say, it was cold on Sunday, so I wore this little green cardigan from Phase Eight. In this photo I'm laughing at Nic, who claimed to be trying to avoid getting our naked neighbour in the frame. To be fair to Nic, the neighbour might have been naked. I don't know.

Anyway, all, I'm pretty tired now. Bizarrely, my foot is twitching, so I think it's time for me to sign off. But I do have YET more sewing to show you later in the week, so I'll check your bad selves then. Night!