Friday, May 17, 2013

Once again, you display an immaturity about vegetables that I think is not at all presidential.

Hey all! It's FINALLY FRIDAY! This week has been so busy at work, it's felt both interminable and also has sped by in a blur. I haven't blogged my Me Made May progress since day 8, so here's a bumper catch-up now! I should warn you now though that most of these photos were taken at the end of busy work days so I am looking majorly crumpled and tired in most of them. Still, keeping it real, YO.

Thursday 9th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 9 
Thursday 9th May - Another Eiffel Tower dress and Irregular Choice 'Mermaid'shoes

So here's one where I'm looking tired as shit! After Wednesday being a lovely day, Thursday was miserable and I got rained on and blown about on my walk from the office to the station - I was SOOOOO grumpy about this! Especially as I didn't have a coat with me. But, I loved wearing this dress. When I finished it last year I felt kind of ambivalent about it, but I love it. Good old Simplicity 2591.

Friday 10th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 10
Friday 10th May 2013 - green gingham Cambie dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl shoes

HELLO WRINKLES! Not much to say about this dress except I love it, and I love gingham, and I want to sew more gingham dresses. I wore flats last Friday because I had a lot of running around to do, and when I was waiting on my train home a lady came up to me and said "You're wearing flats! Me and my friend love looking to see what shoes you're wearing!" which was nice, and weird at the same time!

Saturday 11th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 11
Saturday 11th May 2013 - Etoile dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes

I wore this dress in a bit of blatant self-publication - I was helping the Berylune ladies out at the Save The Children fair in the town hall, and this is the dress you can learn to sew with me at their workshops! There wasn't much going on at the fair but it was good to hang out with friends and eat cake.

Sunday 12th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 12
Sunday 12th May 2013 - Majestic Oak dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ultragirl shoes

Sunday was miserable weather-wise and I was exhausted, having had a late night on Saturday. I was going to declare Sunday a pyjama day, with a me-made crochet blanket but I did have to go to the shops to get stuff for dinner, so I got dressed. This dress is another one that has grown on me since I made it, and it was really comfortable for a lazy day at home.

Monday 13th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 13
Monday 13th May 2013 - Hounds of Love dress and 'Strawberry' shoes from Topshop

Monday was the start of a super-busy work week, and you've got me here exhilarated and exhausted after getting through the first day. I love this dress a WHOLE LOT, the more I look at those little foxes the cuter they get. This dress even prompted one of my colleagues - whose style is radically different to mine, and who almost never makes comments about my clothes, to say "cute dress!" which was really nice. You know how much I love compliments, right? I SO SHALLOW.

Tuesday 14th May 2013 - Come Sail Away Elisalex dress and Topshop 'Jostle' heels

So Tuesday was pretty stressful and I didn't manage to get a full length picture. I was really busy at work, and had family matters on my mind as well as my grandfather was hospitalised with fluid on his lungs. Since I blogged about this dress I took the hem up to just on my knee and I like it a lot better. Also, these shoes are new! Well, not new - I got them on ebay for 99p, and I love the colour, and they were 99p!

Tuesday 14th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 14
Wednesday 15th May 2013 - Colette Patterns Peony dress, yellow shoes from Topshop and my lovely Zatchels bag from Berylune

It pleased me how much the elements of this outfit matched, because the blue in the bag basically exactly matched the blue flowers in the dress. One of the external people we were working with asked me if I had my shoes dyed to match my outfits! I explained that I just really like brightly coloured shoes.

Thursday 16th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 16
Thursday 16th May 2013 - Simplicity 2444 (the first) and pink shoes from Topshop

I think this week has unofficially been 'Topshop shoes week'! I love the shade of pink that these shoes are. This was my first Simplicity 2444 dress and I wear it a lot, but I'm looking tired and crumpled here so not doing this pretty frock justice. Still - sunshine!

Friday 17th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 17
Friday 17th May 2013 - Cowgirl Cambie dress and red wedges from Primark via ebay

Again, I had a Friday of running around, spending the afternoon sorting out my project's cupboards in our secure filing room. FUN. But this dress is always fun - I have made a lot of Cambie dresses now, and I have more planned - and a new one made to show to you soon!

That's us up to date now on Me Made May. I'm not finding it difficult at all to wear a different me-made every day, and I have pretty much fulfilled the other part of my pledge too. I am finding it difficult to get photos where I don't look like ass, but that's partly because I'm so busy at work. Although I'm being promoted within my team, I still have a lot of things to tie up and finish before my replacement starts and I start my new job, AND we have lots of activities going on right now. I don't mind being busy, but I look so tired at the end of each day. Ah well - I suppose now you all know what I really look like!

Right, now it's Friday night and I'm going to the pub. Hurrah!