Monday, May 20, 2013

We'll buy cheap booze and run through these backstreets, you be Cleopatra and I'm Marc Antony.

Evening all! This evening in Chateau Clackett it's all about dinner and The X-Files, and maybe a bit of sewing later. I hope everyone else is having as pleasant a day!

Anyway, I had a thoroughly lovely weekend. On Friday evening, Nic and I went to the pub for dinner with some friends and had one of those evenings where the next day your tummy is a bit sore from laughing so much. I love evenings like that! On Saturday we had a bit of a lie-in and then decided to have a little mini day-trip along to Oxford, because it's been ages since we were last there. I like Oxford a lot, and it's a nice day out - it's close enough on the train to not be a hassle, but far enough away to be a bit of a change of scenery. The day started out a bit cloudy but the sun came out, and damn if Oxford isn't pretty in the sunshine. I took a new handmade dress out for a spin, as well:

Saturday 18th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 18 and a new dress!
Saturday 18th May 2013 - Rue Ramey dress and Topshop shoes

ANOTHER Cambie dress. Sorry not sorry. I don't think I can have enough of this pattern. This is made from the first piece of fabric I bought in Paris, and named Rue Ramey after one of the streets nearby where we were staying in Montmartre. I have absolutely nothing further to say about this lovely pattern, except that this is the best sweetheart neckline I've managed in all of my Cambie dresses. Oh, and I know I have a bit of a bullseye thing going on up in the bodice area, but whatevs. It would have been difficult to avoid with this print, and I don't really care that much anyway!

Saturday 18th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 18

I think it's actually impossible for me to stand up straight. Ah well. These photos were taken at the Old Bodleian Library, which was closed to visitors or I would have stood on the steps. As big fans of Inspector Morse, Nic and I never get tired of being all "Oh this is where someone took a shot at John Gielgud" or "Hey do you remember when Richard Briers dyed his hair black and was totally evil to Roger Allam's wife?" and, less often, "Oh this is where Lewis almost got run over" because, Lewis isn't as good a TV show as Morse. Lots of things happen in this courtyard.

We pottered around in the sunshine, and walked out the Cowley Road to Atomic Pizza, on the recommendation of Rick and Lauren. I liked it so much I'd nearly get on the train to Oxford now to have my dinner there. It's full of excellent comic and video-game memorabilia, and 80s toys and games too (one wall has a massive shelf of My Little Ponies) and the menu is immense. We both had burgers and sci-fries (chips covered in chilli flakes) - Nic had the Johnny Cash (refried beans, American cheese, hot sauce and jalapenos) and I had one called the Monkey Magic - which had, instead of burger buns, two pizzas. It was without a doubt the most unhealthy thing I have ever eaten in my life and I couldn't even manage half of it. I really want to go back and try more of their menu, but it may take my arteries some time to recover. We did a lot of walking though, so I don't feel that bad!

I had some mending and some chores to do on Sunday, but it was so sunny and lovely that I didn't mind! I also put the finishing touches to my second Me Made May sewing pledge dress, which I'm really thrilled with. Nic and I went out for a walk and then spent the afternoon gossiping with friends over tea in Vinteas.

Sunday 19th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 19
Sunday 19th May 2013 - Sewaholic Lonsdale dress and Charlotte Russe Madison wedges

Look at the derp face! This is not the best picture of me but it really made me giggle. Anyway, yes,  my gingham Lonsdale is a favourite, and so are my gingham wedges! These were super cheap in Charlotte Russe when I was in Florida last year, but the reason they were so cheap was that the sole was basically made of paper. Honestly, it was like cardboard and came away after only a few wears. Luckily I have a really good cobbler who was able to resole them with a proper sole and now I can wear them to my heart's content - weather permitting!

Monday 20th May 2013 - Me Made May Day 20
Monday 20th May 2013 - Sewaholic Cambie dress and red jelly sandals from Miss Selfridge

Aaaand we're back to the 'big tired face just home from work' style photo that this Me Made May seems to be marked by. Heh. I haven't worn this dress for a while and I had sort of forgotten both how comfortable it is, and how happy it makes me to wear red gingham. I had a day of running around at work, hence the flat shoes, but at least I felt well-turned out while I was doing it!

So I've had kind of an unofficial Sewaholic weekend - it wasn't planned that way - but I do love these dresses. I still have a Cambie to go before the end of Me Made May, and I'm sure I'll sew more over the coming months. That makes me predictable, but I'm okay with that.

Anyway, it's time for me to go. Duane Barry has just driven up a mountain with Scully in his car - OH SHIT!