Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not my words, Carol. The words of Top Gear Magazine.

Hello strangers! There's been a bit of an unintended hiatus round here lately. Partly this is due to the uncommonly good weather we've been having, and partly it's because life has still been pretty hectic. Still, things are good and I'm happy and all is well. Hurrah!

First things - thank you to all of you who commented on my Simplicity Patterns giveaway post. It was really pleasing how many people commented to say that they also love Simplicity 2444! I've finally drawn the winners - I don't have one of those random number things, so I made two lists (one for the smaller size, one for the larger size), numbered them, and then asked Nic to pick a number at random. The winner of the size 4-12 pattern is Lize and the winner of the size 12-20 pattern is Amy Cakes. Ladies, if you could email me with your addresses I'll get those posted out to you as soon as possible!

So, yeah - as I said, life has been pretty busy recently. It's all so much easier to deal with when the weather is so beautiful, though. Nic and I have had a few absolutely lovely jaunts in the sunshine. A week ago on Friday, I was working from home. Nic was out all day and, when he got home, we walked across the fields to the Saxon Mill for a drink in the sunshine:

Friday 5th July 2013
Friday 5th July 2013 - Hell Bunny 'Larissa' dress, flat shoes from Miss Selfridge and sunglasses from Topshop - satchel from Zatchels, available from Berylune

Aww, I love this dress. I wore it around the house during the day while I was working, and when I popped out to the post office at lunchtime, two old ladies stopped me to tell me how nice I looked! I am seriously struggling at the moment to get photos where I don't look like a total derp, though. I mean, with this face, that's a problem I've always had - it just feels a bit more extreme at the moment! Also, I threw these shoes in the bin when I got home. They cut my feet to ribbons, even with lots of blister rub. Sigh. We had a lovely time at the Saxon Mill, however. I love how the walk across the fields is different every time. The pub itself isn't very nice, but the approach to it is beautiful and it's a real treat to sit outside by the river. The approach is beautiful, too, with a gorgeous bridge over the weir.

Warwickshire is so beautiful! I think my heart really belongs in this county.

Friday 5th July 2013
On the bridge at the Saxon Mill

I'm afraid the rest of the last few weeks has been a bit of a blur. As I keep saying, work has been really busy. I think we're getting into a slightly quieter period now in so far as I have a lot to do, but the deadlines aren't quite so immediate. I'm still enjoying the new job, and even the bits that are stressful are made much less so because I work with such lovely people. That being said, it's all pretty knackering and it's hard to know when I am going to be able to take some time off. I had this past Friday off, having accrued a load of flexi-time, and it was lovely just to have a day of total rest!

With a long weekend, I was able to fit in lots of socialising and even a bit of sewing. Our friend Charlotte came round on Thursday evening to help us drink some cava and to give us the last few episodes of Hannibal to watch. My word, Hannibal is an absolute trip - I started out being very dubious about it but ended up being completely and utterly gripped, and with a weird crush on Mads Mikklesen! On Friday my lovely friend V was in town, so we had a poke around in Berylune and lunch in Vinteas. On Saturday, I was off to Warwick. The lovely Sarah of A Million Dresses asked me a few weeks ago if I'd like to join her and some other blogging ladies for a day out at Warwick Castle, ending in a picnic at Warwick Proms. Sarah and I have been chatting over twitter for an absolute age now, and had the chance to meet at the Berylune Etsy Craft party at the end of June, so I jumped at the chance. I was especially keen to have the chance to meet lots of bloggers in person, many of whose blogs I've been reading for ages! The line-up included Char of T-Rexes and Tiaras, Sarah of Essbeevee, Gemma of Fat Frocks, A Rosie Outlook and Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks.

I met the ladies on Saturday early afternoon, in Warwick town centre, and we had lunch before going back to Sarah's lovely new house for a while. It was so nice to meet such lovely new people - although, having read their blogs for a while, they didn't feel like strangers really! I must confess though to feeling terribly shy and socially awkward for most of the day, which is very unlike me. It was due, in large part, to the fact that I felt like a sweaty monster so I wanted to avoid the camera! Also, it was because I was new in a group of people who all know each other really well, and that always feels a bit awkward. It's silly though, because I had such a laugh and really enjoyed everyone's company, and naturally enough found that I had a lot in common with these stylish, professional, interesting women.

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos because I was busy gabbing for most of the day, but here's a Warwick Castle sandcastle at Warwick Castle:

Warwick... sandcastle?

Char and Sarah took tired old me home at midnight, and I went to bed feeling very pleased with my lovely day out, and feeling like I'd made a few really lovely friends. I was also feeling pretty excited because Sarah gave me seven - yes, SEVEN pairs of shoes... but that's really a story for another day!

Sometimes I sit back and wonder just what the hell I am doing blogging - putting my life on the internet for people to read and participate in - and then I start to feel a bit weird about the whole thing. It never lasts long though because so many happy things have happened in my life as a result of blogging and tweeting. I have met some really brilliant people, and had lovely experiences. I've developed a passion for sewing, and met so many inspiring people who have taught me so much. I've mostly stopped caring about having a big derpy face. I've learned the power of the gif. It's made me a stronger, saner, happier person. That's pretty fucking special, AMIRITE?! I mean, the internet is full of weirdos and perverts, it's true. I'm one of them, probably. But it's also full of people who are cool as fuck. I'll take that. 

Right, it's Sunday. I gots some sewing to do. Laters, folks!