Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, I only wear designer labels. These are Jamie Foxx for Assfarm.

Yo dudes, what is up?! I can't quite believe it is only Wednesday, but there we are. It feels a bit back-to-front to show this dress to you now, as it was initially a kind of test garment for my Dolly Holiday dress. But I made the Dolly Holiday dress immediately after this one, and wore it first so that's basically the craic there then. As I explained in my post about that dress, this came about as a result of a brainwave telling me to pair the bodice of the Elisalex dress with the skirt from NL6824. I wanted to see how they looked together, and so the La Chouette dress was born!

La Chouette dress
La Chouette dress and Irregular Choice Mighty Monster shoes

While I knew that the bodice and skirt would physically fit together, having measured the pattern pieces, I wasn't sure how they'd actually look together. So this is where this rather delightfully random owl fabric came in. As with the Dogs of Shame fabric, I bought this from Tissus Toto. You can see why the man thought I'd buy any old shite, right? In my defence, I could see even then that this fabric would look better as a garment than it did as a length of fabric. Nevertheless, it did make the man in Toto shake his head as I handed over my money!

La Chouette dress skirt detail
Skirt detail. Yeah, that's an enormous cartoon owl sitting on a park bench right there. The owl IS wearing a bowtie because, duh. It's after 6 o'clock and what is he, a farmer?

In terms of construction, there isn't anything different here from the Dolly Holiday dress, except I hemmed this dress a bit shorter. It felt like it'd work better a bit shorter, because the print is extra crazy. I really love this combination of bodice and skirt, as it echoes all of the design elements I love about those beautiful Limb dresses while being a bit different. Also, you know, I have the enjoyment of sewing it for myself. I've already made another variation on this dress - this time a sleeveless one - which I'll post about next week. As I have said a few times before, one of the things I really love about sewing is being able to make exactly the dresses I want - even if it means making those dresses over and over again!

La Chouette dress - back view
Back view. This may be the first time I've posted one of these where I haven't winced. I guess this shape works for me!

La Chouette dress
This is me saying "We can go to pub now please?" and then we DID go to the pub.

Anyway, I had planned to write a bit more this evening but I have a horrible headache and it's making my mind go a bit blank! But I wore this dress last Friday on my day off, which was lovely, and these photos were taken after a day in the sweltering heat, pottering around town with V and then sewing all afternoon, and it's hardly even creased. WIN!

So apart from the headache - which is down to the humidity, I think - things are pretty good round here.  I'm feeling pretty mellow and enjoying this lovely weather, and making lots of fun plans. And I'm afraid that's me having run out of words for now. But I will be back soon with some more dresses and an exciting, non-sewing related giveaway! So, goodnight for now.