Sunday, December 01, 2013

If I want to lick a hippy I'll just return Joan Baez's phone calls

Hello dudes, happy Sunday! Nic and I have had a very happy Sunday, in which we had a pub lunch with friends, a walk through the markets in town and then put up our Christmas tree. I'm currently luxuriating in new slipper socks with an episode of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes. Can't be bad. Nic and I have been relaxing this weekend after another busy week and I am really, really into holiday countdown. I have 10 working days left before I finish for the holidays, and one of those is our staff Christmas meal. Hurrah!

I have been sewing - I had a stressful day on Friday, which I soothed by sewing - but I thought this evening I'd do something a little bit different. In the early days of this blog, before I started sewing, I blogged about what I was wearing and what I was doing while I was wearing it. It was never really my intention for this to become a sewing blog. I still read lots of style blogs, though, because I like seeing how people style their clothes and how that fits their lives. So, this evening I'm going to share some outfit photos from the last few months.

29th September - Rue des Poissonieres dress and Irregular Choice Lady W shoes*

Hey Northern Hemisphere-ers, REMEMBER SUNSHINE AND WARMTH? Yeah, me neither, but this photo was taken then. This was on a Sunday at the end of September, and me and my Cambie-Elisalex hybrid took some new shoes out for a spin. We went to the tip shop (which was rubbish, although I did briefly consider buying a flask with a big rubber Borg head on top of it) and then to the supermarket and then for a walk in the park. These awesome and ugly and fabulous shoes had arrived earlier that week, so I wanted to put them through their paces. Check it out:

When I took these out of the box, Nic said "Woah! Those are like superhero shoes!" You know what, as well, these aren't even the gaudiest shoes I own. They don't even go with anything. I love them. Anyway, my memories of this day are of Nic being thrilled to have bought Face/Off for 50p at the tip shop, and of accidentally buying really spicy chilli bread. Ah, good times. We watched Face/Off that night, I think. I'd never seen it before and it was every bit as... interesting as I'd imagined it would be.

26th October 2013 - Calamity Jane dress and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon bow shoes 

You know, I have no memory at all of what I was doing on this day. But those shoes - I decided not to buy them because it's winter now and it's going to be basically impossible to wear them until spring. So, as you can see, that worked out well.  I love those bow shoes, and I love my cowgirl dresses. I wear them all pretty frequently, and it's at least partly because my lovely friend and colleague D gets such a kick out of it when I do. I need more pin-up fabric in my life! It was still warm enough for me not to wear a coat in October, and I was getting fairly heavy wear out of this navy cord jacket from H&M:

This jacket is cute, and it's warm as well. It has these fake leather elbow patches and even though the sleeves are the right length - as you can see, the cuffs come to my wrists - the elbow patches hit above my elbows. Is this shoddy drafting from Hennes, or are my elbows in the wrong place? Do I have freaky elbows? Where are everyone else's elbows?!

Saturday 16th November 2013 - Come Sail Away dress, navy cardigan from New Look and Mel pop heart flats

I wore this a few weeks ago when we joined some friends for a walk across the fields to the Saxon Mill for lunch. It was a lovely walk, but the service at the Saxon Mill was astonishingly bad. Shockingly so. We got a round of drinks and my friends were refunded the cost of their meals, so we adjourned to the Fat Pug for many glasses of prosecco and chocolate brownies. It was a really good day, one of those ones where lunch in the pub with friends turns into tripping home after midnight to eat chips in a pitta bread in bed. Why is it that chips are so much tastier when you eat them in bed?

Sunday 24th November - Emily and Fin 'Lucy' dress and Alexander Herchcovitch for Melissa wedges

Last Sunday! We had a very quiet Sunday last Sunday as I was pretty tired after the Spoolettes bowling extravangza, and Nic was tired after having been in London all week. I bought this dress at 52 Greek Street when I was in London, as it was only £15 and it has boats on it! It's been so long since I bought a dress in a shop (May was the last time) that it felt a bit strange, but I thought this was cute. I wear glasses for watching TV and I should really wear them all the time, because I'm short-sighted enough that reading signs in the distance or even recognising people is difficult without them, but they kind of make me feel like Ogbert the Nerd.

One without the stupid face. I mean, stupid facial expression. The face is still pretty stupid.

Today - no outfit photo from me today, so here's Nic instead, looking handsome in his new hat. I made him pose in that doorway for the full Dolly Clackett experience.

I must admit that it often feels a bit strange now to just share outfit photos, but I do still enjoy it. It's nice for me to see how I wear both my handmade and shop-bought clothes. It's much more frequent now that I'll be wearing something I've made than something I've bought, and that's a nice feeling. I still like all my shop-bought clothes but I'm happy to have a wardrobe full of pretty dresses I've made myself. That was kind of the whole point of me learning to sew in the first place, because I love the dresses.

That's it for me this evening. Nic and I have been getting into HBO's Rome over the past few weeks and because Atia of the Julii reminds me so much of Julie Cooper from The O.C, Nic has put on a Chrismukkah episode for us to watch. YAY SANDY COHEN AND HIS AWESOME EYEBROWS. YAY ALAN DALE.

Atia of the Julii

Julie Cooper

Me and these awesome red-headed bitches have got some business to attend to. I'll catch you later in the week with some sewing. Laterz.