Friday, February 14, 2014

A happy Anna Howard Shaw day to us all!

Hey hey, and Happy Valentine's Day, if that's your thing! I have the day off today, which is very nice - sitting at home and watching the rain hammer on the windows sure beats sitting in the office and watching the rain hammer on the windows, doesn't it?! I have been out into the weather to pick up some essential supplies - hoummus and dessert and some tights - but the rest of my day is going to be all about relaxing, and maybe some sewing.

Nic and I don't make much fuss about Valentine's Day. Not because of any objection to the holiday or the idea of it or anything like that, we just don't. That said, I do enjoy a bit of themed dressing so when Offset Warehouse got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked would I sew something Valentine themed, of course I said yes. They very kindly sent me some of their red shirting, and it's lovely. I freely admit, I would never have bought this myself because it's a solid colour. As you might have worked out, I'm all about the prints, so this was a nice challenge in itself. Luckily, inspiration struck thanks to Handmade Jane, who has had this lovely dress pinned on her 'Red' pinterest board for ages:

This dress is so cute so let's ignore the fact that she looks like she's about to fall over...

I initally thought I'd make something similar, with a bow at the waist. So, um, the Emery pattern is pretty perfect for that. But when it came to it, I just couldn't do the bow. It's really cute and everything, but I just knew it would annoy me when wearing it - you know, when it comes to wearing cardigans or sitting at a desk or whatever. So, I kept it simple. Sure, why not. So here's my Valentine's dress...

Happy Valentine's Day, No-one! dress - Christine Haynes Emery dress, worn with Mel Pop Heart shoes

Sadly, it's a horrible rainy day, so I'm afraid these pictures don't show this dress at its best! I was a bit dubious about it when I finished it because it seems so odd to me now to wear a solid colour. I think I only have a tiny handful of dresses that don't have some kind of print on them. I do like it a lot, though. Maybe not so much that I'm going to rush out and buy lots of solid-coloured fabrics, but enough that I'll certainly wear this. For one thing, the shirting fabric is really lovely to wear. It's so drapey and soft and is of a very high quality.

This one is a bit out of focus, or it's blurred by the rain or something, but it's the best photo I got of the skirt! Shame about my smug face, but what can you do. You have to work with what you've got.

Offset Warehouse asked me to choose between two Valentine's themes for this fabric - 'All The Single Ladies' or 'Love and Romance'. Well, as I said above, I'm not much of a one for Valentine's Day, but I did think that going with 'All The Single Ladies' might send out the wrong message to, you know, my fiance. So, 'Love and Romance'. I went for it with all the heart-shaped accessories I've got.

Heart-shaped earrings from Thomas Sabo

Heart-shaped ring from Antoine et Lilli; a souvenir from our last holiday in Paris

Heart-print tights from H&M and heart shoes by Mel

I legit love heart-printed stuff. The Thomas Sabo earrings were a birthday present from my parents, and they chose them because I have so many pairs of shoes with hearts on. I have seven pairs. Which is maybe kind of excessive, but I can live with that. I sort of like excessive. It's why I've pulled a Cassie Stephens and made two Valentine's themed dresses. I'll show you the other one tomorrow, though.


Thank you very much to Offset Warehouse for so kindly providing the fabric. And thank you to my lovely Valentine, Nic, for standing out in the pouring rain to take these photos of me. He's a whole good'un. Happy Valentine's Day, folks!

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