Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who are the Allens and why are they out of spice?

Hello my loves! I hope this humid Tuesday evenings finds you well, and not too sunburned after the beautiful weekend (for my UK readers, at any rate. International readers: apply similar comments appropriate to the weather in your locale) I'm very well, having finished work until after the wedding - and after that, I only have three working days before we're off to Paris so yeah, things are pretty good!

The wedding is really close now - it's this Friday - and thankfully, everything is ready. I stayed up until midnight last night hemming my dress so that I'd have a couple of days clear to relax. I finally feel like I can enjoy the anticipation now that work has finished. May has been pretty hellish at work - the only saving graces have been that I mostly enjoy my job and I have pretty amazing colleagues - so I've deliberately not been thinking about the wedding too much. Looking forward to something was only going to make getting through work more difficult. But that's over now, and I can just get excited! Tonight, Nic and I are cracking open the bottle of champagne my darling Spoolettes gave us, eating pizza and celebrating in one of our favourite ways: watching cop shows. Hurrah!

So, I guess this is my last blog post as an unmarried woman. I probably won't change all that much after Friday, though. I'm keeping my name, and I already call Nic by his actual name on here, so it's unlikely that I'll give him a cutesy nickname like hubby or, ick, the hubster. It'll be business as usual, I swear. Business as usual but OMGMARRIED. It's actually kind of a weird feeling because I know that being married won't change our relationship, but also that it somehow will.

Anyway, enough soppy stuff. I will post next week with a few photos though, because I know some of you are pretty curious to see my dress. I have to warn you, it's pretty simple. I love it, but it's not some super-involved Vera Wang number or anything. Hey, my shoes are fucking amazing, though. So, basically, yay!

I think that's all the bases covered on my two main areas of thought over the last few weeks: work and wedding. Now onto the dresses! Naturally enough, I have been sewing recently with an eye to having some fun and cute new dresses to wear when we're in Paris. And if you've been reading this blog for any length of time at all, you'll know I'm pretty obsessed with Michael Miller's Eiffel Tower fabric line. So, a few months ago, I bought some in one of the few colourways I hadn't already sewed with. And you know, I like to stick with a formula, so I sewed another Christine Haynes Emery dress:

Douce France dress - Christine Haynes Emery dress with a pleated skirt, worn with Miss L Fire Woodie wedges

I had a hard time photographing this dress on such a bright day, so sadly I don't think these photos do this dress justice. You'll just have to take my word that it is cuter on. This colourway was a bit lighter than I was expecting. I bought it from Fabric Inspirations (which, I'm not sponsored to say this or anything, but I love that website. Great prices, amazing selection and really fast dispatch. Good stuff all round) I actually think the colour is pretty true on screen, but I have a terrible memory for this kind of thing so I thought it would be darker. Anyway, while I would normally shy away from less saturated colours, I do think I like this.


As you can see, I went for another pleated skirt. This time I experimented with wider box pleats. I hear a lot of people saying they think pleats are more flattering than gathers and I'm not totally sure I'm on board with this theory. I think it depends. In this case, I don't think the box pleats I used are especially flattering - I think they kind of make my lower stomach look weirdly wide, or something? It's not an issue for me - something being flattering isn't always a priority for me - but I do wonder if this dress would look better with an inch or two taken off the hem. 

In summary: a cute dress, but not 100% a success. I love the fabric and I love the pattern. I do really like the dress, as well. It served me well for an afternoon in the sunshine followed by an evening of drinking prosecco and eating tasty food with Rick and Lauren, so I know it's going to do well in Paris too. I think I will take that hem up a smidge though, just for the craic. 

I'm not in any way conflicted about my shoes though, which I bought on sale from Miss L Fire. 

They're stripy (SO FRENCH) and have bows and have a random cut-out detail in the heel which is ugly and cute at the same time and although you can't see the insoles, they have pirates printed on them. Winner. 

Yet another classic face. 

That's everything from me for this evening. I have champagne to pour, pizza to eat and crimes to solve. Catch you all next week!