Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kin is people you've gotta kiss, even if they have a moustache.

Evening all! What's the craic? I am having a busy old week at work, which is kind of nice. I've been sewing and knitting and watching trashy TV (we're back on Blue Bloods) and wearing socks around the house because the weather has turned a bit colder. Also because I keep buying new shoes and wearing them around the house with socks genuinely does break them in a little bit. So, the more you know.

So, yeah, sewing. I haven't made much of a dent in the fabric stash I brought home with me from Paris (not helped by the fact that since coming back from Paris, I have also bought a buttload more fabric) But, after a trip to the pub a couple of weeks ago with my lovely friend Lauren, I was inspired to get going on some of it. She was wearing an absolutely amazing coral polka dot Sewaholic Cambie dress and she looked fabulous. I love the Cambie pattern a lot but am currently unable to wear any of the ones I've previously made - they're all too big for me now and I have packed them away - so I got my pattern out and retraced it in a new size. Lauren had omitted the waistband from hers and had also only lined the bodice, and I'm a big old copycat so decided to follow suit. Well, apart from omitting the waistband (but I will get to that shortly) So... here is my Dirty Dick Cambie dress:

Dirty Dick Cambie dress and Swedish hasbeens Heart Medallion sandals

So. Let's get the issues out of the way first. I sized down with this dress from my previous size and I didn't toile it because it had fit me pretty well in the past. Well, I could have stood to toile it because as well as having lost weight, my body has changed shape a bit. Also, I think I am just a bit more fussy about fit nowadays so I'm not as happy with this dress as I could be. The bodice is just a little bit big all over and the waistband hits me at a funny place. I have since gone on to make a Cambie dress without the waistband - which has its own issues that I'll do a separate post about (it is cute, though) So basically, the bodice needs work. I think I need to change the shape of the darts in the bodice a bit and maybe shorten the bodice a bit as well. But - any advice would be gratefully received!


So in this shot you can kind of see the issue a bit more clearly - that excess fabric underneath the bust. But you can also see the thing I really like about this dress - the fabric! So I'm going to stop being picky about it now because despite the issues I have pointed out, I do like this dress. It's not perfect but it is wearable and the fabric is so cute! I bought this pineapple print cotton in Coupons de Saint Pierre and I think it was €10 for 3 metres. It's very light and floaty but not see-through, so I was able to get away with not lining the skirt. Also: pineapples! I am accidentally on-trend! There are actually two layers of pineapple to the print - the brightly coloured ones, and then slightly faded outlines of pineapples. It's pretty awesome. I have about half a metre of it left so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

A back view I don't hate! But gosh, I'm a strange shape from the back.

So, yeah. This dress is more flattering in real life than it is in the pictures but it's definitely not my best work. I'm at that slightly annoying stage now where I can see fitting issues but I'm still learning how to address them. I suppose I need to get better at making toiles rather than relying on fitting on the fly, but I'm getting there. I'm never going to be a fitting master like my girl Heather B but it is good to move towards that. I love being able to whip up a dress in a few hours, but of course that's only good if the end result fits. Which, in fairness, this dress mostly does.

Yes, I'm in the undergrowth here, in heels. I think this is the moment when I officially jumped the shark. In my defence, the heels aren't all that high.

Anyway. I'm going to stop being negative because PINEAPPLES! NEW SHOES! HEARTS! MY HAIR LOOKS REALLY GOOD IN THIS OTHER PHOTO!


Now, I was meant to get a photo of me drinking a pineapple-themed drink in this dress, and I totally failed to do that. If I'm totally honest, I don't like very sweet drinks and pineapple always burns my mouth. It's to do with enzymes, apparently. Science. But I did name this dress after that awesome Tiki bar in Pigalle that Nic and I went to on our honeymoon. And I will go and have a drink as soon as I am finished writing. It'll be gin, but it will be good gin. And on the subject of gin, I will leave you with the other thing the name of this dress makes me think of:

Dirty Martini... dirty bastard

And this one is just because...