Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you know how hard it is to fake your own death? Only one man has pulled it off: Elvis.

OH HELLO! Happy Friday evening! I hope things are good with you all. I've had kind of an annoying week. Well, annoying with a few high points. Nic and I went out for burritos with Rick and Lauren on Monday night, which was great. I finished my yellow cardigan, which I will blog about soon, and I got some frankly fucking OUTSTANDING shoes in the post on Tuesday...

SHUT THE DOOR. How good are these?! They're from Miss L Fire, and I pre-ordered them last month. Yes, I plan to wear them with my Lobsterlex dress because duh.

These bright spots aside, work has been exhausting and a bit stressful. I had to organise an event for next week at very short notice, and it was one of those things where it came together really quickly and then, bit by bit, it started to fall apart. Anyway, I got it sorted out in the end and it's going to go ahead on Monday but, man. These last two days have been kind of a pisser.

Also, the man who was looking at our Macbook came back to me on Wednesday to say that it was going to cost a minimum of £570 to fix it, as the logic board and keyboard were damaged beyond repair. He thought that the other things could possibly be cleaned, but couldn't guarantee that more parts wouldn't be needed. But, we agreed to do a part-exchange on a brand new, sealed in box Macbook of the same spec with a years' warranty with Apple for a really reasonable price, so it's all good. After using this little Chromebook laptop for a day, Nic was all, "I don't care how much it costs! I want our Macbook back!" Fair enough. I know though, talk about first world problems. My wallet is too small for my fifties and my diamond shoes are too tight!

Me, from now on.

That has been the craic this week anyway. And now it is Friday! The sun has been shining and we have a fun weekend lined up, starting with the bottle of the prosecco that is currently chilling away in the fridge. And, I have a new dress to blog about!

So, okay, the story with this dress is that I went fabric shopping in Birmingham with Amy, Helen and Marie a couple of weeks ago. Because I haven't been sewing all that much recently, I wasn't really in the market for much shopping but, you know, it would have been just rude not to buy anything. I bought a few bits from the market, and we went to Barry's last of all. I was mooching around when I spotted some familiar-looking stretch cotton sateen...

Bottom right is the sateen in question

Any of y'all with long memories might remember that I made a dress out of this fabric before...

I made that dress - a combination of the By Hand London Anna bodice and Charlotte skirt - in September 2013, and I wore the shit out of it over the next few months. I loved everything about it, but as it doesn't fit I haven't worn it in over a year and, a few months ago, I gave it to a friend. So when I saw the very same fabric in a different colour I thought the time was right to make myself a new one. And here it is!

Blossom Time dress, worn with Mel 'Raspberry' heart shoes

I feel like there's not a great deal to say about this dress! The only difference from the first one I made, apart from the size and the colour, is that I used a concealed zip rather than a lapped zip in this dress. Over the last year or so I have come to prefer them, although I think style-wise, they work equally well in this sort of dress:

Here's my bum. No pattern matching. No fucks given.

I used the size 8 Anna bodice and the size 10 Charlotte skirt pieces. I didn't move the darts on the skirt to meet the pleats/darts on the bodice as the print is so busy that the darts kind of disappear into one another! The bodice and the skirt fit nicely together, despite being different sizes, although I did have to increase the seam allowance at the top of the skirt so that it would match up with the bodice. I could have sized down on the skirt to get more of a wiggle shape, but I wanted something I could move around in and that I would feel comfortable in at work.

It was good to sew something that's out of my usual fitted bodice-full skirt silhouette. I've been wanting to add a few pencil-style dresses to my wardrobe, having given away nearly all of the shop-bought pencil dresses I own! The nice thing about that is I gave them to a colleague, who often wears them to work, so I still get to see them. 

The cotton sateen is very enjoyable to work with. It has a bit of stretch and a good bit of body, and it doesn't need to be treated much differently to 100% cotton. I used a slightly cooler iron on it, but that's about it. I pinked all of the seams - I had done that on the original dress and it held up really well. It seemed like the best finish for this fabric so as not to add any additional bulk. 

I have been heavily into florals this year. I've only made one novelty-print dress so far in 2015! (which I haven't blogged yet, but I will eventually) I think you can see why I couldn't resist this print, though. I'll have to get back to my crazy prints eventually though, right?

Anyway, it's Friday night here and I need to crack open the prosecco and start my weekend. Have a good one, everybody!