Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We have to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.

Heeeeeyy you guys! It's Wednesday afternoon and I am utterly exhausted after a three-day event at work. I can't promise this post is going to be any too coherent, sorry! They've been good days, but very long and very tiring. Nic is out for the evening, so I am recovering in the best way I know how at the moment: knitting, drinking gin and watching trashy TV. I'm pretty predictable, but then you all know that, I guess.

And, speaking of predictable... I sewed another dress with anchors on it!

Lolita Elle dress - Sewaholic Cambie bodice and Deer and Doe Belladone skirt, worn with Red or Dead 'Shirley' shoes

I wasn't feeling well on Sunday, when we took these photos, but I thought that getting dressed up and going out into the sunshine would help. I think I look grand apart from my face, but who worries about your face when you have whales on your dress?!

It was going to be difficult to avoid ending up with a whale on my boob. So, there it is.

Anyway, yeah, the dress! I was in a local fabric shop last week with Nic, when I saw this fabric. It's a Michael Miller print from the Ahoy Matey range from a few years ago. I sewed a few dresses from that range and none of them fit any more, womp womp. There was only 1.4m left of this fabric - which was kind of the one that got away - but I thought, well, I can make some cushions out of it or something. So I made a dress. Lol.

OBVIOUSLY I wore it with my lobster cardigan and my fish bag because duh, and we went to Yo! Sushi for lunch. Vegetarian sushi, though.

Not having much fabric to play with, I needed a skirt pattern that didn't eat up a lot of fabric. I've made a Cambie dress with a pleated skirt before, but I remembered that Liz had paired the Cambie bodice and Belladone skirt to excellent effect, so I decided to give that a go. And, Liz was right, they pair beautifully together! I had just enough fabric to cut everything out on grain as well, which was surprising and pleasing given that this print is directional. I omitted the waistband - I find that the length of the bodice works better on me without it - and I didn't have enough self-fabric for the hem facing. But, yeah. 1.4m of fabric. BOOM! I will definitely be using this combination again.

I made two slight adjustments to the Cambie bodice. I curved the waist darts (again, a suggestion that Liz made to me last year, and it's now an adjustment that I often do) and I redrew the bodice front piece so that the neckline comes up a little bit higher. It's not that the Cambie dress is low-cut or anything - it just ends up a little bit low on me as drafted and, you know, flashing my bra. Ain't nobody got time for that. This was a simple adjustment to do, and I'm pleased that my bra isn't hanging out, but I think it possibly gives me a bit of a uniboob vibe. I think I can get away with it a bit in this dress though, because there's a whale on my boob, you know?

I like this dress a lot. I was really feeling like crap on Sunday - after taking these photos, I had to go home and spend the afternoon lying still on the sofa - but I felt like I looked pretty cute. I really like the shape of the Belladone skirt and it's nice to get the old knees out for the summer, right? I think it will look more casual and summery with sandals instead of closed-toe shoes, but I just got these shoes and I had to wear them...

AWWWW YEAH. Red glitter shoes. Not much more to say than that, right? I have a pair of red sequin shoes Irregular Choice shoes, but I ration how often I wear them because they're old now, and I don't want to wear them out. I bought these Red or Dead shoes on ebay, as the style is a few years old now. They're silly and fun, which is why I like them, but I also like seeing how much little girls on the street love them. It's really cute.

Yeah. Dressing in a mature fashion isn't really for me. Oh well.

Right, lads and lassies. I'm going to peace out here. I've started knitting the Audrey in Unst cardigan and, man, that twisted ribbing is NO JOKE. If I want to finish this cardigan before I'm too old to wear it, I'd better crack on with it! Goodnight everyone!