Monday, December 14, 2015

Scully, if I'm carrying Marilyn Monroe's purse, do you assume that I've slept with JFK?

Evening everyone! Hello! What is the craic?! It's ninety here. I had a brilliant weekend, I have three work days left of 2015 and I hit an important deadline today. All of these things feel pretty good! I was working at home today and I had a very busy day, but it was really nice to be working while the Christmas tree lights were twinkling away next to me. And now Nic and I are watching the Hollywood A.D. episode of The X-Files. Yeah!

I've had a busy few weeks with not much time for sewing, but I have a dress that I finished a couple of weeks ago to share with you. I made it the same weekend as the My Lovely Horse dress and indeed, it is the same pattern - Vogue V8998. Even the fabric is going to look familiar to some of you...

Diva Lady dress - Vogue Patterns V8998 in star-print wax cotton, worn with Red or Dead Lindy Hop shoes

Yes, more star-print fabric - but this time in bright pink and green! I bought this pink colourway of the lovely star-print fabric when Nic and I were in Paris in August. I bought it in Moline and I got the last two metres of it they had. The colour is very obnoxious in real life - bright, fuchsia pink and lime green stars. Obviously I love it. I was also very taken with the selvedge, which I don't think I've seen on any of the other colours I have bought of this fabric:

The selvedges of wax cottons such as this usually have the country of origin or the design number, but I don't think I have seen the description 'best lady' before and it tickled me immensely. Recently, Katie shared this article about wax cottons which is an interesting read - and it's added a few prints to my wishlis - including the colourway of this print that is red stars on a yellow background. One in every colour, lads!

I made basically the same adjustments to this dress as I did to the My Lovely Horse dress, tweaking the bodice slightly so that I had a slightly smaller seam allowance on the princess seams. There's still a bit of wrinkling under my bust but, eh. I think it's fine. I really love this dress and I have worn it quite a few times already. The print has purple in it - you might be able to see it in the photo above, there - so it's made this dress perfect to wear with the latest addition to my glittery shoe collection:

Good old ebay. I'm still waiting for the green ones to appear. One day, I'm sure. Although I can't think that I'll own anything else in the same highlighter shade of green as the stars in the print!

I'm still very taken with the gored skirt that is part of this pattern. I'm not sure that it photographs all that well, but I love the way the side gathers add volume to the skirt. I have since added this skirt to another bodice - I'll have to hope for a day with actual daylight to take some photos of that project. Spoiler: it's more wax cotton. I love it. I'm still not done with this pattern, either. But then, when am I ever done with a pattern, right?

So anyway. That's the Diva Lady dress, and that's me for the evening. I have to go and pack for the next few days, and wrap some presents, and knit. Oh, and A.D. Skinner has left me the bureau credit card for the evening...

I will never get tired of Scully gifs. Not sorry.

Catch you guys next week!