Tuesday, March 08, 2016

For a short while, a marvellous serenity enters his life and he is at one with nature.

Hey guys! What is the craic?! I have basically minus craic at the moment. When I last wrote I was getting sick and, since then, I have been properly sick. I had the flu and then I got sinusitis. The flu has gone but the sinusitis and a horrible cough are definitely outstaying their welcome. I was back in the office today though, and apart from the cough and the fact that basically everything tastes and smells like vinegar (fuck you, sinuses, seriously) today was the first day that I felt well again. You know you've been properly sick when you're actually glad to get back to work. On the plus side, I did watch some amazing TV - I discovered that there are around 5000 episodes of Homes Under The Hammer on the BBC iplayer. So that was awesome.

Illness aside, last week wasn't totally terrible. I dragged myself into work - not an exaggeration lads, it was pitiful - last Tuesday for a very important meeting. I felt like kind of an idiot for doing it - you know, like one of those macho Lemsip ads where the Lemsip drinker is morally superior for working through illness while the other sick dickhead misses the important meeting - but it was important to me to be there. Even through my fever, it went well and I rewarded myself by going home almost immediately afterwards and sleeping for 22 hours. It was my first big meeting in my new role and I'm glad it went well, even if it did make me one of those Lemsip twats.

That's the craic there anyway. I've been wearing mainly pyjamas due to illness but as the sun came out yesterday, I got some photos of a dress I made a few weeks ago. Look at the dress, not the face. The dress is great: the face, not so much. Just thought it would be fair to give you some warning.

So it's another Emery dress with a pleated skirt. Maybe it's not worth blogging these at this stage but, humour me, here. I've been coughing up a lung:

Little Jazz Bird dress - Christine Haynes Emery dress with a pleated skirt, worn with Swedish hasbeens Mimmi sandals

As always, when I find a beautiful fabric, I immediately want to sew an Emery dress with it. It's such a great canvas for a fun print such as this one. This is a Michael Miller print called Flock, and I bought it on ebay. Yeah, I spend a bit too much time lurking Michael Miller fabrics on ebay, what can I say?!

This is pretty twee, which I guess is standard for me. I was attracted to this print because I loved the colours. It comes in other colours, I think, but I love the way the colours of the birds look against the French blue of the background. Also, you know, I have so many pairs of shoes in various colours that it appealed to me that I could wear this with lots of them.

I did choose to pick out one of the colours in particular by using another lovely lace zip from Berylune:

Turquoise! Where is the heart-eye emoji, blogger? I still have a few different colours of these lace zips and I love the dresses that I have made with them so I'm sure I will make more.

So anyway - that's the craic there. It's another twee dress in quilting cotton. I must be feeling better, eh?! I just can't wait until it's warm enough to actually wear this properly - when I took these photos yesterday it was warm in the sunshine but very definitely coat weather. Come on, spring. Come on!

Now. I'm away here. We have last night's episodes of The People Vs OJ Simpson and The X-Files to watch. It's all class in this house. 


Please, Juice.