Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I wonder what time it is in Cork.

Hey guys! What's shaking? I'm sitting here on the sofa in my pyjamas with my head wrapped in clingfilm - it's henna time again - so, you know, it's standard issue glamour up in here tonight. I am going to have a glass of champagne later for no other reason than I can, though, so that's good. I love champagne.

Everything is grand here. Life is very busy at the moment. Work is in a slightly quieter period which, as I said in my last post, can sometimes make me feel restless. Luckily there's lots going on outside of work to keep me busy and I have been stitching my little heart out every chance I get! I'm having to be motivated in the evenings though as our weekends have been flat out. Last weekend we went to stay with some lovely friends in Bristol, which was ace. I didn't make it to Fabricland, sadly, but then I'm not exactly short of fabric. We did manage to fit in some other key activities, though, including sharing a flight of beer at Small Bar on King Street:

This weekend we're off to Northern Ireland as my cousin is getting married on Friday and my newest nephew is being christened on Sunday. The last time we were at home was for my uncle's funeral so it's a real blessing to be able to go home and see family for two happy occasions. Obviously I wanted to sew something to wear to the christening as well as something for the wedding, and I wanted to make a dress from my amazing tractor fabric too. I've managed to do all of those things (like I say: I've been sewing my little heart out) and I have another, totally unrelated dress to show you this evening.

Absolutely ages ago - like, last year sometime - I had a little shopping trip to Walthamstow market with Amy, Emmie and Lauren. Lauren and I ended up splitting two 6-yard lengths of wax cotton that we bought in one of the shops along the market. She sewed hers up pretty quickly - she made an Anna dress with a gathered skirt - but I sat on one of my pieces for ages, unable to decide what to do with it:

This photo from my instagram is the only photo I have of it! The Bimber miniatures were from my local wine shop, who gave them to us as samples. I had the gin and Nic had the vodka. They were yum.

So, yeah. After the success of the maxi length wax cotton Simplicity 1601 dress, it seemed like it would be the right pattern to use with this lovely fabric. So that is what I did:

Saga dress - Simplicity 1610 dress in wax cotton, worn with Swedish hasbeens Merci sandals

As with the Franklin Avenue dress, I cut a size 8 and shortened the bodice. I self-lined the bodice because I had enough fabric to, which was nice. The starbursts or fireworks or whatever they are are pretty big, so I wanted to have one fairly centrally on the bodice... but not dead centre, in case it looked like a bullseye or some kind of target. Nobody needs that. I'm pretty pleased with how that worked out:

The skirt was easier to handle at knee-length than the maxi-length one was, so I was able to get the pleats a little bit neater, too. They're absolutely grand on the other one, like, but better on this one. 

I'm glad to have finally sewed something with this fabric and I'm very pleased with how this dress has turned out. I'm not totally sold on the skirt in the shorter length - there's something about the front pleats that I think just don't work quite as well on a knee-length skirt - but I love the shape of the bodice and overall the dress is pretty cute. And, as the weather has been so crappy recently it's got me thinking about the autumn...this will definitely work with tights and boots when it gets colder. And it'll be good on bonfire night. Until then, it won't surprise you to learn that as well as these orange clogs, I also have red and purple clogs that'll look cute with this dress. So, you know, very practical altogether.

Nic and I have watched the first two seasons of The Bridge over the last few months, and while this dress is not something that Saga Norén would wear, she's been on my mind a lot recently so I named this dress for her. We're taking a break before we watch S3 because that show is intense as shit and life is intense enough at the moment...but hot damn, I love Saga a whole lot. Nic had started watching season 1 thinking that it would be a good show to watch while I was sewing - you know, it's subtitled, so the noise of the sewing machine is no problem - but I horned it on it on the second episode and it became one of those shows that we had to watch together. I'm very glad. It's awesome. So far it's the only Nordic Noir I've watched apart from the film of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish one, of course). I'm late to the whole craic there, but sure that's grand. It just means I don't have to wait around for new episodes.

We did try watching The Killing after we finished the first season of The Bridge, but I couldn't get into it at all. I mean, Sarah Lund is definitely very cool...but I found it a little bit boring and visually it reminded me too much of Soupy Norman for me to take it very seriously. 

Soupy Norman

The Killing. THE SAME.

So that's the craic there anyway. My stash is now running low on wax cotton so I'm on the lookout for some more. Nic and I are off to Amsterdam next month, so I'm hopeful that I might find some Dutch wax there or at the Labjesmarkt in Utrecht. I'm going to need to learn a few key phrases in Dutch before we go, I think!

That should be enough to get me a few metres of whichever fabric I'm after

So here, it's time to go and pour some champagne and get to work on hemming a dress. Goodnight!